One direction turned me

One direction turned me
Harry is the vampire lord son so he can do watever he wants so zayn niall Liam and Louis are his little puppets so read the story to find out wat happens


1. My name is

Katherine's pov

i was going to a store when i saw a dark alley i love them its usually sometime i can not worry about anything like i forget what I'm worrying about.

harrys pov

i saw someone going into my! Dark alley i watched her go in now is my time to eat so why not feed on her.i ran over there and got on the building on top of the building so that she wouldn't see me i kinda live there and I have my stuff there and everyone in town is afraid of me so they don't take anything and everyone stays away grime here like faraway but this girl just touched my stuff like if it was her and she grabbed the picture of me and the lads that was it! I jumped off from the building and and I pinned her on the ground she looked frightened my eyes turned red and my fangs came out i put my head close to her neck to bite but she kicked me on the nuts and pushed me off her guessing shes new she ran to a building and was about to go in when i got in front of her brought her back to the alley by grabbing her arm and pinned her to the wall she looked into my eyes i looked into hers i felt like i could tell her everything and i can trust her.i told her my name was harry but she didnt seem scared anymore she seemed calm she said her name is katherine.i was still pinning her to the wall when i couldn't help it but I kissed her she kissed back she sopped and i did too she said why didn't you suck my blood harry? I don't know i answered back.she said wat are you? I'm a vampire and I'm 19 i live with my friends and my dad is the vampire lord so i can do anything i want and I'm hungry but i feel like i shouldn't feed on you and my power is to read minds but i can't read yours.she looked frightened and then she grabbed a sharp rock and was about to throw it at me when I smelled blood the rock hat cut her and she then the ought the rock at me i catched it and smelled the blood it smelled good i couldn't control myself i pinned her to the wall my eyes got red my fangs came out and i bit her i drank her blood until she fainted i carried her to my house so that the lads can feed on her later she isn't gonna go home EVER!

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