Jamal Edwards T Shirt Design


1. Choose your own adventure

Hello there! :D

So, i was racking my brains about this T Shirt design thing, and i realised that not one person has associated it with writing?

I mean, i know it wasn't in the rules but i couldn't help but feel the need to incorporate writing into my design, seeings as this is what the website's all about :) So here it is *drumroll...*

The choose your own adventure T Shirt! I can't be the only one who noticed that loads of people on Movellas are kind of obsessed with the idea of being able to write a CYOA, but... welll, it's really difficult. Anyway, i thought you guys would like this :) Sorry if it's too small, basically it's you, and you can  take paths to Courage or Positivity, but either way you're great :D

With this, i really wanted to show that whichever path you choose to take, you are being courageous, and you must be positive! Thanks :D


P.S I think this competition is great because i can't think of a single person on Movellas that doesn't have something to say about self belief :)

P.P.S The back says TYFBA (Thank You For Being Awesome)

P.P.P.S Sorry for rambling, just letting you know that this is all completely hand drawn, i just used software to darken the pencil lines and paste it onto the shirt

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