The Shalkyries

'The city that never sleeps, soon to be the city that never wakes.'

The Shalkyries have been living right under the nose of humans for decades, plotting their fatal attack. What happens when they finally decide to take their revenge? Will anyone be able to stop them?


1. Prologue

Arianna raised her soft pale hand to brush her combed hair off her forehead. Her crystal eyes glistened in the light of the lampposts. Her long, black, hooded cloak blew back in the wind to reveal her blue jeans and trainers, the average clothing of the human world, and her disguise. The black taxis slowly trudged forward when they could, their headlights lighting up the boot of the car in front. 

Arianna tilted her head forward and watched as a dark spot appeared on the pavement beside her. Another one formed beside it, then another, and another. Moving her head back she closed her eyes and let the cold wet water of the sky gently tap against her head. Then she gradually raised her arms and stretched her hands out forward as if embracing the rain.

“Brothers, I hear you.” She said quietly to herself, pulling her hands in from her outstretched position and pulling her hood forward to protect her head from the downpour.  She turned and started to walk slowly down the road, with a steady pace. She looked to her left where the Thames ran its one-way course out to sea, just as the humans were about to run their one-way course, to hell. The rain fell harder and harder, falling through the leaves on the trees and splashing into the river disrupting the surface of the water.

Arianna looked up in the direction she was headed. The London Eye’s carriages were lit up and the people inside, tourists no doubt, held up their smart phones and snapped pictures of the view of London, even though the shower coated the cabins, blurring their vision. Little did they know that the rain was a sign. A call for another species that had been living, inhabiting this city for years, waiting to take their revenge on the human race for defeating them centuries ago, and taking over this land that was rightfully theirs. The rain had arrived, and the attack had begun. Shalkyries all over London were being united. The war had commenced, and the pitiful existence of the human race was about to come to an end.

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