Dying world

Andrew has not eaten for three days and has gone in search for food. Can he escape the dogs and birds mutated into ruthless killing machines by aliens? Will he have to use his pistol? He knows all to well the sound of the gunshot would alert every mutant dog and bird in town to his exact location.


1. An evening out

I was cold so cold despite it only being evening but there was no way I was going to shiver, not with those dogs outside the car. They had found my sent less than a minute after I left the house, I was only just at the far end of the street when they bounded around the far end, looking for their next kill.

I flinched as a can rolled crunched on the far side of the street, I could hear it through the open window, sniffing, it knew it was close and I knew it wouldn’t be long before it found me. My sent wasn’t exactly well hidden, I had not washed in five days, not since the Aliens knocked out every electronic system and engine with an EMP and an hour later when we emerged from our homes to survey the damage, the car crashes and the plane crashes and to help the wounded they spread chemicals that turned every bird and animal into ruthless animals that won’t stop trying to rip you apart until their last breath. I saw it happen myself from my bedroom window and now I haven’t been in there since, at least the smell of vomit didn’t spread through the closed door.

I clutched my gun and knife to my chest, my dad had just told me about the pistol the day he left for the Caribbean for their 15th wedding anniversary, the day before the attack. I had spent hours with it, fiddling with it, cleaning it and leaning how it works. I had no idea if I could hit anything, I was only going to fire it if I had to; the crack of a gunshot would bring every animal in earshot running. That left the knife; a camping knife with a five inch blade.

The only thing that distracted me from the cold was my hunger, I hadn’t eaten in two days, not since the bag of crisps and the last inch of the box of cereal, the only food left in my house since the attack, was finished, that was why I was out.

I imagined the dogs ripping into me, blood dripping from their mouths, the cold wasn’t the only reason I was shaking.

A flap of wings alerted me to the presence of a bird, they were the reason I was out at night if a flock of birds spots you there if little you can do. I guessed a raven the smaller birds wait until morning. I glanced quickly at the window and I was acutely aware the raven could fit through it.

I heard the jangle of a dog’s collar right next to the car and held my breath in anticipation. Is this how it ends? Curled up in the back of a land rover? I pictured the Aliens laughing in their space ships as our pets tore us apart. The sound of the collar reminded me too much of my dog Dilly, luckily she died the year before, I doubted I would have had the heart to kill her. I clicked the safety catch off, I knew I would have to use it, and there was no way I was getting out with just a knife.

I heard the dog reach the door, its clouding breath, visible out the window. I tensed and aimed the pistol at the window I had to use both hands to keep the gun steady my hands were shaking so much. Here goes.

A dog barked in the distance and the dogs were off, I heard them tearing off down the street. The bird flew of too, I hoped after the dogs. This was my chance.

I sat up into a crouching position and pushed the gun into my belt I needed at least one hand free to run. I glanced through each of the windows, nothing. I carefully clicked open the car door and stepped out into the evening sun. The door creaked and it took all I could muster not to dive back inside and curl up on the back seat.

I grabbed the small rucksack I had brought with me and glanced up and down the street, all clear. I looked back at my house, no you must find food I told myself. You will starve to death Andrew if you don’t get some. I listened to my stomach all today the hunger had gone from uncomfortable to painful and I was starting to feel very week, I had almost collapsed that morning.

I pressed myself against the car and crouched down as I heard the dogs barking in the distance. Get a move on! The nearest shop was a street away but I knew there had to be something closer. There was an office in front of me.  It’s worth a shot there might be a vending machine I could break open or at least something.

 I dodged from car to car, checking the rooftops for birds, until I reached the front doors, they were glass or at least one of them was glass there rest were nothing, they had been smashed.

Unable to decide whether that was a good or bad thing I continued in and pulled out the gun, clicking of the safety catch. It was dark inside, the shadows even bigger and way more menacing than outside where the brilliant evening sun lit the streets.

I slowly walked in, the hairs on the back of my neck raising. I spotted a vending machine in the darkness of the back of the lobby and hurried over to them, half expecting to find them smashed open, their contents gone. I was almost right, the glass was smashed but the items were strangely still in there. Then I saw the blood on the floor and the half-eaten body, someone must have smashed the glass and got attacked. Ah… That would be why. It made me want to vomit.

I looked inside to see packets of crisps, bottles of soft drinks and water, chocolate bars and sandwiches. Sandwiches in a vending machine? That’s new. I started grabbing them and stuffing them in my rucksack. I tried to balance it between all of them. I knew I could come back tomorrow, or at least try to and a mix would be better as thinking ahead I realised leaving all the chocolate bars until last was a bad idea.

I closed my rucksack and swung it onto my back before pulling out my gun. I turned around and almost fainted in shock.

There by the door was one of the dogs, It was huge at least a meter tall, it’s eyes seeming to glow red,  it’s muscles tensed, ready to pounce.

Before it could I pulled the trigger, the shot rang out and a huge chunk of the dog’s head flew off. It dropped down dead.

The sound of the gunshot echoing over and over in my head I sprinted out the doors and ran, swearing from the building as all around the town dogs started barking and I had no doubt who they were after; Me.




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