The world is gone. My family is gone. I'm lost and confused and so very tired of running. What are we running from? The infected, or as some like to call them, zombies. There is only one person who keeps me running, and that person is someone I'm trying not to love. Why? Because everyone I have loved has died. Funny thing is, trying not to love him because I care about him defeats the point of not loving him.


1. Bitten

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry that the world went the way it did, Charlotte. I'm sorry you're missing your friends and family. But right now, I need you to focus and run. Don't think about anything else until we've stopped running. Got it?" Rohan grips my arms tight, bending down slightly so we're eye to eye. His breaths come out in white puffs, but soon disappears into the cold air around us.

This is what it has come to. Me and him, running through the forest in the dead of winter trying to escape. Escaping from something that looks human, but has the mind of an animal. They said it was just a virus, nothing more dangerous than the common cold. What a turn that took. In only a few short weeks it had spread over the whole planet, making whoever wasn't sick look like the infected ones. There were so few of us, the ones who were never that careful, but the virus just seemed to avoid us. I was, and still am, one of those people. 

It was hard seeing my neighbors being dragged out of their homes, classmates being sent home one day and never returning. The streets being completely deserted during the day, nighttime only bringing people trying to get away before they were picked up and stuck in quarantine. A few more weeks went by and hospitals were overflowing with the diseased. They had no more room to put the sick and dying, so they told everyone who wasn't sick to store up on food and water and bunker down until 'The Storm' passes. That's what they were calling it. The Storm. 

My mother, father, brother and I, had boarded up the windows and doors on our house. Thankfully the water was still running, except that only lasted the first two weeks. Then we were washing ourselves with a wet rag, drinking bottled water, and eating food out of cans. It started to really smell in our house, but we couldn't open any of the windows cause they were boarded up from the outside.

That's when my mother started showing signs of infection. We all tried to ignore it as best we could, but it becomes hard when she would get up in the middle of the night and repeatedly run into the walls while moaning. At that point, even she knew that she was a hazard to the rest of us. So one night she climbed through the attic and out a small window that she had been spending the last few days loosening the boards and jumped. She jumped right off the roof of our three story house. None of us knew till the morning when we peeked our heads out the window only to see her body broken and crumpled on the lawn. She was still alive, but the virus had taken her and she was no longer my caring mother who used to dance around the kitchen singing at the top of her lungs. No, now she was an animal trying to get to us. 

After another week we unboared one of the windows after getting the 'all clear' signal on the radio. When we did, bodies littered the streets. Pools of dried blood were underneath those bodies. Bullet holes scattered the sides of houses. When we listened to the radio every Sunday they would give us an update on how they were handling the virus, trying to find a cure. They told us that somehow the people who were sick turned into these mindless monsters. So they sent out patrols, or anyone with authority who wasn't sick or dead, to shoot anyone out on the streets. A few days later they gave an 'all clear' on the radio, saying that they had gotten them all. They lied.

My dad got us all to gather our stuff because he wanted to head to the closest safe haven. We did, and we left our house. The house where the smell and bad memories had long since covered up the good ones. The streets smelled even worse, with all the rotting bodies. Five minutes down the street we saw my mother again. She looked awful. Her hair was limp, bullet holes in her body, clothing torn, and she was still alive. She had crawled down the street, and now she was laying there with her legs on the road and her body on the curb. Dead eyes watching us. She moaned and growled as we walked by, and I caught some tears escaping my dad's eyes. 

About two days later we walked into the next city, cars parked all over the road along with more bodies. We stayed out of the shadows, making sure to walk where people could see us in case there were any other survivors. As we were leaving the city, we heard a whoosh sound and my brother and I had only a second to duck before my dad's head snapped back and his blood sprayed. I had no time to think, no time to say good bye because my brother grabbed my hand and we ran into the forest. I still don't know who shot him, but if I ever find out I will kill them.

So I'd lost my mother and now my father. Little did I know I was about to lose my brother too. We had been walking for four days, not knowing where we were headed or if we were even going to get anywhere soon. We stumbled onto a logging road and followed it back to a small town. There we were ambushed by a pack of the infected, only escaping because someone had left their keys in a rusty old pick-up truck with half a tank of gas in it. We were on an adrenalin high from barely getting away when I glanced down and saw that my brother had a chunk of his forearm taken out. There were teeth marks, and it was starting to turn a purpley-green colour around the edges. He stopped the car, only being two years older than me so he could drive. I wrapped it up in a piece of my shirt I ripped off and we continued driving. Forty five minutes later he started moaning  and banging his head on the wheel. Fifteen more and he was no longer my brother. He had gotten out of the car before he turned completely, and I waited with the doors locked and the windows rolled up till he turned. 

Then I drove. I drove until I ran out of gas, which wasn't very long. All the while tears streamed down my face and sobs escaped my lips. When the car slowed to a spot in the middle of a highway, there was a man in a red jacket standing in the distance. I watched as he moved closer and came up next to my window. He had no signs of infection and was mouthing some words that I could hear, so I rolled down the window. He told me his name was Rohan and he's been walking for quite some time alone. He asked if he could travel with me to a safe haven. I said yes. 

A few weeks and four safe houses later, we decided to stay in an abandoned house overnight. It was just like all the other houses, because they were all abandoned too. We had tracked down four safe houses only to find them empty. There was evidence of survivors moving, so we followed those tracks until we came to the next, and so on. But they were all in the same state, and now here we are running through the winter forest with zombies on our tail.

If someone told me that zombies were going to take over the world a year ago, I would have never  believed them. Never in a million years. It was something from books and movies but no one ever thought it would become real. Yet here we are, been surviving off of nothing for months now. And I'm so, so tired.

"What are we even doing this for Ro? We've been running and trying so damn hard to stay alive but for what?!? There's no end. All the save havens are gone. Where are we going to go? The worlds never getting back to normal!" I scream at him, tears stinging my eyes and making my vision blurry.

"I am not going to let you give up. We've come to far to let go now, and we still haven't visited all the safe spots yet. Until we are both the last two people on this earth, I am not letting you give up so easily Charlotte" And with that he out stretches his hand and I take it. I take it because I've lost so many people, and I don't want to loose myself. So we keep running, and we don't stop until my lungs demand more air and my legs feel like jelly. 

"I think we out ran them. There's no way they could have wanted to pursue us bad enough to follow us through dense snow" I say between gasps of breath, my body bent over and my hands on my knees trying to stable myself. I know that if I sit down I'll never want to get back up. 

"Oh we lost them way back, I just wanted to make sure nothing else was following us" He tells me while leaning against a tall tree. I notice that his blond hair is getting long again, making a mental note to give him a trim next time we stop. My fingers find my hair tie and I gently pull my hair out of it's slipping pony tail to re do it. I need a hair cut myself.  

This is what I do to keep my mind off of terrible thoughts. I remind myself of what used to be normal. Like getting haircuts. It helps me from becoming uncivilized, remembering how life used to be. 

"Which way are we headed then?" I ask as Ro pulls out a map from his backpack. His blue eyes flit all around trying to figure out where we are. 

"Well it that can't be right...." I give him some time on his own and I walk off to do my business. When I come back he has the map put away and is carrying both our packs.

"I can carry my own pack" I reach for it but he just moves away. 

"No, let me carry it for a bit" After he says that he stars walking and I follow him. 


*So, tell me what you guys think! Should I continue the story? What do you like about it, and what would you change? I love getting feedback:) Hope it's decent so far. Stay lovely, StarKite <3*

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