they rescued me

lily,emily and jahnus have just gone through the dunalley bush fires 2013 their house is gone their school their life. but what happens when one direction come to help out and niall brings his sister will they find happiness again?

this is a true story jahnus is my brother emily is my sister and well im LILY my house did burn down i did loose my school but there was no ONE DIRECTION or love sadly :-(
and it was dunalley fires 2013 waaaaaaa



Lily's p.o.v

I was sitting their balling my eyes out its gone all gone.

My sister Emily came and sat next to me and cried.

My brother Jahnus came up to us

“It will all be ok” he said

No it won’t Jahnus it’s gone all gone” I yelled

I stood up and thanked Emily for trying to make me feel better

I walked out of the gates and down the road to the cemetery.

I looked around everything was burnt.

I found the person who used to live at my house (their grave)

And cried I cried my heart out

“I could have stopped it” I said

“I could have been there” I sobbed even more

I stood up and wiped away the tears with the back of my sleeve

I walked back to my shed that didn’t burn down and turned on the radio

I froze when I heard something


Famous British boy band one direction have heard about the Dunalley bush fires 2013 and are going down there today to see what they can do.

End of news report

A smile spread across my face.

A ran outside to find Emily crying still.

Guess what Emily!!



“Yeah right its not the time to joke around lily” she snapped at me.


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