they rescued me

lily,emily and jahnus have just gone through the dunalley bush fires 2013 their house is gone their school their life. but what happens when one direction come to help out and niall brings his sister will they find happiness again?

this is a true story jahnus is my brother emily is my sister and well im LILY my house did burn down i did loose my school but there was no ONE DIRECTION or love sadly :-(
and it was dunalley fires 2013 waaaaaaa


2. its TRUE


I pulled Emily into the shed and re winded it (yes I can do that on a radio)

She looked at me wide eyes; she wasn’t much of a directioner well against me she was nothing.

I couldn’t stop SMILING my all-time favourite boy band is coming to Dunalley aaaahhhh.

I started jumping around screaming (bit too much fan girling) my dad walked in and look at me weirdly I just laughed as he slowly backed out of the door.

I stopped and took out my I phone to check the time it was 12:53pm “THAT MEANS THEY SHOULD BE HERE” I yelled to Emily.

All of a sudden I heard a car drive up to our property I ran outside and found out it was definitely no car it was a LIMMO.

And right there jumping out of the car was ONE DIRECTION. Niall jumped out of the car holding a sandwich I laughed to myself.

My dad walked up to them and gave them all a handshake.

I walked up next to my dad.


A girl about my age came and stood next to Rodney and smiled at us.

“Hi love” I said to her once the boys were all talking to Rodney.

“H...hi” she stuttered looking at the ground

She was beautiful she had light blond hair with blue eyes.

She was wearing casual clothing.

“What’s your name” I asked waiting for an answer.

“Um lily “she said not stuttering this time.

“I’m Harry” I said she laughed.

“I know who you are” she said laughing even more.

“Oh” I said dumbfounded.

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