Running Free

This is not the regular "werewolf story" this is going to take a totally different turn...


1. How it began.

My weirdly dramatic life change happened half a year ago.

From the beginning of my life I was trained to lead. To be a leader of my own pack one day.

You think werewolves? You are thinking wrong.

I am a shape shifter and no one would dare to call us anything else. Not that there is anyone who would.. Since shape shifters took over the world fifty years ago.


We were a failed experiment, we were weird, a mistake.
Humans were fools to try to put us down. We could shift whenever we wanted.

And we were with many.


I am, thank goodness, one of the fox shifters. There are many shifters but some turned into our food.

That we have to share with the wolf shifters.



But, on with my personal story. Half a year ago my pack leader walked up to me and smiled.
‘You will be beta-leading the next group.’ He said.
I didn’t understand him, what group?


Turned out that a bunch of teenagers would be put together,
alone, without adults, to see how they would cope.
Oh and to see which pack was the best.


We would put all of our lifestyles together and make a new pack.

Then we would be a young, strong pack and we would be able to live safely so the dark packs, The Claws, The Others and The Shadows, couldn’t attack us.


Well they thought wrong!

And I do not like that.

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