Twilight Truth Or Dare

All the characters from Twilight are locked in a run down cabin in the middle of a huge wood in the middle of nowhere. No one can hear their cries for help, and the phone line is dead. JezzaRat (being me of course) is the only on with the key out. In order for the Twilight Cast to stay alive, they must do the many dares I set for them. That's right readers... Dares set by you!!!!

I've noticed a lot of Harry Potter fans and truth or dare stuff, so I thought maybe it was time to get your Twilight on! Read the first Chapter for Information on how to play my little truth or dare game.... *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!


1. How It All Began

It was a dark and stormy night. In the middle of a deep forest lay a little one-room log cabin. Inside this dimly lit cabin was the beginning to the cast of the film Twilight. Only three characters had managed to be captured so far. Edward and Bella led in the corner of the cabin, cuddled up, shaking with fear. Jacob tried to cuddle up to Bella, pretending he was also scared. Edward looked around to check that no one was watching, them he punched Jacob hard in the face. Jacob began to strangle Edward when they all heard a key unlocking the cabin door. The handle began to rattle about. As the door squeaked open on it's hinges, causing Bella to cover her sensitive ears, a stream of moonlight hit flooded in upon them. In walked a beautiful young teen-aged girl.

"That's will be quite enough boys"

Jacob leapt up from where he was sitting in order to confront his enemy face to face. "Who do you think you are?! Kidnapping us all like this!"

The stranger said in a commanding tone "Sit down!"

Jacob immediately obeyed the stranger as he said crossly "Damn it! Why do I have to be part wolf!"

The stranger said in a menacing voice "good dog".

Jacob began to growl with rage as Edward began to speak as calm as he could. "Who are you, and what do you want with us?"

The stranger began to speak in a clear instructive manner. "Well my name is JezzaRat, but you can just call me Jezza. I am a great sorcerer. I go around kidnapping members from films, and famous boy/girl bands for a laugh. I like to play truth or dare. But rather than it being me and a couple friends. I like to instead, watch others do it before me".

Bella choked and said "so this is just some sick game right?"

Jezza laughed and said "right".

Jacob went to get up. "I'm going home!"

Jezza flicked up hand up causing Jacob to fly back and hit the wall, unable to move under Jezza's spell. "I don't think so pretty boy! You three are my prisoners! You will do as the readers command! No matter what that might be!"

Bella shuddered and said "and what if we don't. What do you do? Just kill us?"

"correct! You are a clever girl" Jezza laughed sickly as Bella gulped nervously.

(Right now readers, go ahead and tell me your truth and dares and I will add you to my game. The Twilight characters lie in your hands now. You may dare them to do anything, not being too dirty of course. Try not to repeat other peoples dares, and you can request as many dares as you wish, the more the better. I will get all your dares in, as long as I find them appropriate... More characters will be added soon, but for now, the main three are at your hands to play around with. *evil laugh* Mwu ha ha ha ha ha!!!! If I do forget any, please tell me in your comments. Now I leave the rest to you!)

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