Let Me Love You

Having Justin Bieber trying to get you to love him is any girls dream right? Well, that is Maria Rosas reality. But here's the catch: she strongly dislikes him. She can just avoid him, can't she? Not when they are both co-staring in a movie where they must fall in love. Will Maria find love with Justin? Or will she hate him even more? Find out in Let Me Love You!


1. Chapter 1

"I really love you." Someone whispered in my ear. I giggled and turned around to the Justin Bieber. I blushed.
"I love you too." I said as we leaned in for a kiss. 

           I sat up quickly, panting with sweat beading on my forehead and my heart pounding. Why would I ever dream about being in love with Justin Bieber?! He was just another pop star whose fame got to their head!
           I shook my head and looked at the clock. 8:30, Oh crap! I'm late for my call back!
           I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I only had an hour to get ready if I subtract the transportation time! I took a really fast shower, blow dried my long hair, and changed into a pair of jeans and a black shirt that perfectly matched my pink dyed tips.
          Now, time for make-up! Since I was looking for a more natural look, I only put on some mascara and lipgloss. I studied my reflection for a while. Maybe a little blush wouldn't hurt, I admitted.
           With my high heels and phone in hand, I ran out of my flat to my Corvette. I checked the time again. 9:15? That was the shortest time I have ever taken to get ready. I could have gotten more sleep! I thought, outraged. The calmer part of my brain thought, it was what it was.
          I opened my twitter on my iPhone, as I didn't want to be so early. I was actually still surprised that I had 1 million followers! And, I never received any hate, and that really surprised me. 
           'About to go to callbacks!' I tweeted with a selfie. Instantly, I received a ton of tweets saying things like 'Good luck' or 'For what movie!' As I haven't told them what movie yet.
          As I pulled out of the garage, I turned on the radio to Kiis fm. 
           "I heard Justin Bieber has recently spit on his fans, Ellen." I heard Ryan say. 
           "No one cares!" I said aloud as I entered the freeway. I turned the radio off and drove in silence.

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