Over Paris

Over at Paris, a girl named Kelly, she wasn't the type of girl who would be fancy and drink teas. Kelly was a girl who was a tomboy, loves to play games and do sports. Roaming around, noticing a man of her dream. Was this love at first sight? When Kelly was little she didn't believe in love at first sight, but then she noticed that all of this was wrong.


1. Outside for once.

Morning sunlight rose up into the teal sky, breathing in the nice fresh air that is filled with joy and happiness. Playing in her pitch dark room, that is filled with nothing but a light that spread around the room. Noticing as her door opens with anger, watching Kelly's mother as she slams the door on the wall.

"Go outside now!" yelled her mother. With anger, turning off the television and taking Kelly's remote controller away from her.

"What was that about!" said Kelly, trying to take back what was hers.

"This is what you need for once, you need to go outside for once! Stroll down the streets of Paris." replied her mother, throwing the remote control on the ground.

"I am not going out there, bunch of hipsters and classy girls." Jumping into her bed, bouncing up and down as the springs goes up and down. Covering herself with the blanket, and mumbling under her breath. Kelly's mother trying to get Kelly outside to the fresh air.

Outside on the house, Kelly's mother gave her 50 bucks to buy something nice or eat something. Shoving the money into her pocket as she strolled down the streets of Paris. Watching each person walk past her with an awkward look. Staring down into her soul, like being possessed by and evil era. Above her, staring at the sign that everyone has been talking about on this website named, Star Bucks. Sitting down at a table, watching everyone come in to order something unique, or something worth buying. 

Standing in front of the of the line, waiting for the cashier to say. "What will you like to drink or eat today? Our special is a Special Frappachino." 

Instead, all they say is "What do you want?" with a boring face, like it was their worst job ever.

"Can I get a Latte?" said Kelly, with a bright smile. As a responds for her, all she got was a stare as Kelly handed her the cash. Receiving the change back, and walking to the side where everyone gets their coffee at.

As the employee yells out "One, Latte for Kelly!" said the employee. Grabbing the hot latte with my palm, getting ready to be scream out a cuss word. Touching the warm, but hot coffee cup, lifting it up from the table and walking over to the window. Watching out of the window as people pass by the store. The store seems to be booked, and stuffed with people instead. People are coming in and out, ordering and leaving with their precious coffee. Some people just get their coffee and chill at the store for a certain of time.

Daydreaming out of the window seeing people skateboard. For Kelly's perspective, she wanted to join them. Too bad she didn't have a skateboard. An idea came to Kelly's mind as she stood up and went to the area where the skateboarders were hanging out. They wouldn't mind if Kelly could join them, maybe they had more than that skateboards. 

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