When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


1. Assistant stylist

"You've had a lot of practice and you're my top student. It's time for you to try the real thing. I volunteered you as a assistant stylist for a boy band. It's a one day and night trial, and if they like you you're on for a week" Mrs. Jensen, my teacher for my high school fashion elective tells me while leaning against her wooden desk. This is my second year of being in her class, and next year will be my last because I'll be graduating. She always liked me from the start, probably because of my talent in sewing and designing. It could also be because of the fact that I actually wanted to be in her class and I pay attention.

"So what do I have to do? Just pick out outfits for these bratty teenage boys?" I ask, sighing.

"How do you know they're bratty? You've never met them!" She raises her eyebrows and laughs. She's a woman in her early 30's, dirty blonde hair and red horn-rimmed glasses shaping her blue eyes. She always has on some elaborate broach and a brightly coloured sweater. Today she wears a peacock on her purple sweater.

"Well I don't....but they probably are!" I say back, knowing I have no good argument. I never took a liking for boy bands. They all just seem too pretty and full of themselves. I appreciate that she thought of me and signed me up for this opportunity, but I'm not sure I want to do it. There's enough practice in the classroom. 

"Weather you want to do it or not, you have to be there on Thursday to get ready for their Friday night show. If you really don't like it, you can quit after the trial. They're called 'The Vamps' don't forget" She gets up and walks around her desk to gather up some papers as she speaks. I let out a huff and she just smiles as I leave the room. So basically I have to survive all of Thursday to get ready, and then Friday night. Yippie for me. 

Lot's of people say I have an eye for fashion, but really I just like to look put together when I leave the house. Yeah, I can sew pretty well and I tailor my own clothes. It's not uncommon. My thoughts are interrupted by someone putting their hands over my eyes.

"Like, Guess who?" A voice says, trying to fake an American accent. I smile spreads on my face as I pull the manicured hands down and turn around to see my best friend smiling at me. 

"Hey Celeste, nice shoes" I gesture to her black pumps with pink bows on the back "Don't you have gym now?"

"Yes, but I got a excuse note" She says, waving a white piece of paper in front of me.

"And how'd you manage that?" I say, a surprised smile on my face. Celeste's parents never let her be excused from anything unless it's an emergency. I remember last year she came to school with the flu because her parents wouldn't let her stay home. It was all because she lied one time about being sick.

"Oh I didn't. Some kid in my 4th period English forged my dad's signature" She smiles her perfect teeth at me and links her arm with mine, pulling me down the hallway. 

"So I have to be at some boy band thing on Thursday and Friday. I'm the assistance stylist" I tell her, shifting past the kids in the crowded hall. 

"Really? What band?"  She gives me a sideways glance and takes out her gold hoop earrings, putting them in her purse.

"The Vamps I think?" I tell her, recalling what Mrs. Jensen said earlier. As soon as the words leave me mouth Celeste stops in her path, mouth hanging open.

"Are you serious?!? The Vamps? They're like, the next up and coming boy band!! I love them!" She sequels, bouncing up and down.

"Whoa, calm your fangirl down. They're just a band!" I grab her arms to stop her bouncing. Her whole face is lit up, just by the mention of this band. 

"They're more than that! They're so talented and so very attractive!" She whips out her phone, scrolling through her photos when she stops at a picture of four boys in their late teens. They are very good looking. She swipes the screen and another photo of them pops up. After seven or eight photos, she locks her phone, looking content at proving to me how hot the boys are. Maybe this wont be as bad as I thought....

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