Last Minute Love

'Tara what the hell was that?!' he yells not looking at me
'I’m sick of celebrity thinking their the best' I say simply
'well the guy you just slapped was HARRY STYLES'
'yea--' I start but he cuts me off again
'MY COUSIN, you know the one I've been wanting to see since you came' my jaw dropped open, that was his cousin, Sam's cousin was Harry Styles, Harry Styles is related to SAM!
I was gobsmacked......


1. chapter 1

'sorry' I mumble slightly looking up to be met with the gorgeous face that had cared so much about me years ago

'watch out loser' I hear Eric's deep but alluring voice boom.


I look over my shoulder as he walks away, I remember how when he was 9 I used to spike his hair up with mud from the backyard. His mum would come out, often laugh, and tell him to go have a shower.

Every time he washed it out it turned his usual blond hair browner and browner.

I remember how he would pick me up and throw me over his shoulder when I was 10 I would yell at him to put me down. He would run all around the house, me laughing my head off, telling everyone how awesome I was. When he finally put me down on his bed he would pretend to be 'the tickle monster' and tickle me so much I couldn't breath.

I remember how if my foster mum was getting angry and tried to hit me I would just run away and go see Eric because he was just next door and understood that my foster mum was abusive and an alcoholic.

I felt as though I could tell him everything and I often did.


But that’s all over now.

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