Saved My Life.

Diana was bullied all her life. For her weight, personality, interests and that made her insecure. She was a very pretty girl, and she didn't see it, and people bullied her for the way she chose to look. She couldn't handle it, and she started self harming, and missing her meals. Then one day, while scrolling on twitter, she noticed a band called 'One Direction' she had never heard of them before. She started listening to their songs, and things started changing, for the better. One member in particular, changes a lot!


2. getting worse

Diana's POV

I said bye to my mum, and started walking to school. Everyday I dread waking up in the morning, knowing it's school and that the torture would begin. As usual, when I walking through the corridors, people were staring at me, and shouting horrible names. I headed straight to my first class, and sat on my own. Everyone else started to walk in and fill in the seats. No one sat by me. I'm glad really, because no one can say stuff to me, and be their horrible selves. I mean who would want to sit next to bullies? 

The lesson i was in, was science. My worst subject. I was never good at science, even if I tried my hardest, I could never seem to understand how to do all the stuff you do. If that makes sense? The teacher never asks me questions in science, which I'm happy about, otherwise I would make a fool out of my self, well I've already done that. But today, I was unlucky, as usual. The teacher asked me a question; what test do you do,if you need to test for fat? now come on, how am I meant to know this! I didn't know what to say.

"uhh...urm....I-I-I don't know miss..." I was so embarrassed right now. I didn't know what the answer was to one of the most simple questions in science. 

"come on Diana you must know this! it's one of the easy ones!" she said in surprise. 

"I'm sorry miss, but I don't know the answer." Once I said that, everyone started laughing. This is ridiculous.. another reason for me to get bullied? The teacher even started laughing! Once everyone calmed down, one person decided to shout out 'dumb whore' and that was the last step for me. I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the classroom. I ended up running all the way home crying. My mum asked what's wrong, and I just said 'what do you think?' in a moody tone. My mum knows about the situation of me self harming and getting bullied at school, but she doesn't do anything about it. I can't talk to her about my problems,because she is either too busy, or she is fighting with my dad. They are always arguing and it's annoying. I used to be really close to my dad, but something changed and we weren't close, and him and my mum started fighting. 

I sat on my bed crying, not knowing what to do. All I could hear was my mum and dad fighting. I got my headphones, and stuck them in my ears. I started listening to music, and soon enough I fell asleep. 

I woke up at 8:30 in the morning. I went downstairs, and it was all quite. Too quite actually. I walked into the kitchen and my mum was sitting down at the table drinking tea. 

"where's dad?" I asked

"Gone!" she replied

"what do you mean gone?"I asked, not really the slightest concerned.

"he's left, and he's not coming back"my mum said in a fierce tone. I didn't say anything after that, I wasn't really that bothered. I had breakfast and went back upstairs. I went for a quick shower and got dressed. It was a Saturday, and no school. Thank god. I sat on my bed, and went on my phone. I went on Facebook, and there was nothing interesting. I started getting bored, so I started drawing. I always used to draw. I was kind of good, but then i just stopped. At first, I though it was my distraction. But obviously, it's not!

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