Demon Revolution

There are nine circles in this place that we call home. The first two circles are for the elite and higher class demons and the rest are for the low class demons and humans who have yet to lose their sanity. The three of us live in the outermost circle. The ninth circle and our parents are rulers of districts up in higher ranking circles. We have decided to start a war that will change the three worlds and our lives forever.


1. The Revolution Begins

“Are you ready to go?”

“As ready as I’m going to be.” I say turning and taking Sebastien’s arm. It was time to fight for our freedom.

“You seem nervous. Are you excited or scared? Or maybe both?” He says noticing my hesitance. “Are you ready to be a hero?”

“I don’t know. I’ll have to get out there and actually fight in order to know if I will actually be the hero or not.” I say. Then, we walk up to the conference room and get ready to hear the battle plan.

“You’re late! Hurry up!” The general says shoving us through the door. The briefing has already started so we just find our seats on either side of Kathryn. Kathryn has the biggest handicap out of all of us because she can’t see, hear or speak. You might be wondering why we are having her fight with us. The answer is that just because she doesn’t have those three things doesn’t mean she is completely helpless. Actually she is one of the best fighters I know. She is super sensitive and her sense of smell is amazing. She can track a scent in a matter of seconds.

“Katherine are you listening? It is vital that you get this information to Kathryn.” The general says snapping me out of my daydream.

“I’m sorry, sir. Please continue.” I say. He continues and I make sure that my ears are also Kathryn’s ears. Yeah, we can do that it’s really cool. The only reason that we can do that is because Kathryn, Sebastien and I all live in the same body usually. When we are separated we are all connected by a silver chain. Kathryn lightly taps my leg to let me know that I’m getting off track again. I go back to paying attention but then I feel Kathryn stiffen up beside me. I keep looking forward but I squeeze her hand.

Kathryn, what’s wrong? What do you sense? I think at her. She can’t hear but she can read thoughts.

They are starting an attack on the fourth circle. We need to go help them. They are going to attack the hospital where there are a lot of injured women and children. Katherine we need to go! She says. That’s another one of her abilities she can sense the future and she is never wrong.

“Sir. We need to go. Now. They’ve started their attacks.” I say.

“We are not done going over everything.” He says. Then, the TV pops on and it’s the one thing that ever gets broadcasted which is the flames and then Kathryn’s dad who just happens to be the ruler of this God awful place comes on and announces the attack. Then, the camera pans to the fourth circle and shows the aircraft coming in to drop bombs. By the time the people in the room turned to talk to us we were gone.

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