London: 1940

My daddy says little girls like me don't belong in London right now, but where else should I go? Mommy left to Canada without telling us, and some mean looking men took my aunty and uncle away. My big, big brother's off shooting guns at the bad guys, so it's just daddy and me in the big city, wondering why mommy never came to the rescue *For Movellas King And Queen*


1. Mean Men, And Golden Steps

I still remember that morning, even though I was only three. How could anyone ever forget that kind of morning? I woke up to an agressive, heavy pounding of the door.

"I'm here to collect your children." I heard a muffled voice say.

"My daughter left to Canada with my wife over a year ago."

"Really?" The men said. I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to my door. I was still a toddler, but I still knew that I shouldn't have been there. I knew the scary men were here to take me away from daddy. I knew too much for my age, and I remembered too much for my age.

Most people don't remember anything before the age of five, but I'm eleven now, and I remember almost everything since I was two years old. It's funny, because I wish I forgot everything about those dark day when I was younger, and the one thing I don't remember, is the thing I wish to remember the most. My mummy.

Daddy rushed into my room, picked me up, ran to the kitchen, placed me in the pantry, and locked me in there with his keys. "Don't move, don't talk." He stated. Then added, "And hold your breath."

I still remember breathing in a giant breath of air, and holding it like it was life or death. But, I don't remember no more, because I passed out from holding my breath for so long, and daddy found me in the closet, and thought I was dead. He thought the Natzi's had snuck in and killed me. He didn't tell me that, but he said it on his phone conversation, he said a lot of stuff on his phone conversation, to that mysterious woman.

"I can't let them take her too a country home. She's not safe without me."

"Maybe. But she's even less safe with you." I heard the woman on the other end say.

"When they find out she's jewish, who knows what will happen?" Daddy told the woman.

"This war may not end anytime soon, what if 'The War To End All Wars', was only a little flash in the timelines, compared to this one." She told my father.

"She's staying with me." He almost shouted.

"Your a stuburn man." The lady scolded, "And that, is what's gonna' get you, and your daughter killed."

I have a picture in my imagination, of the lady daddy was speaking too. In it, she has brown hair, and brown eyes, just like me and daddy, and she has a beautiful, olive complection, just like we do, and she is dressed in a pink, silk dress, and she is so beautiful, that sometimes men faint when they look at her, and even though she is jewish, she is so beautiful, that Hitler doesn't dare touch her.

I had a lot of visions about people, back when I was younger. in my vision for myself, I had pale skin, and blue eyes. My hair was long and blonde. I wore cashmere clothes in the winter, and fine silk clothes in the summer. I lived on a big farm in the country, where we had pigs, cows, hens, and lot's of sheep. I had a pet dog named Bubble, and he had golden fur. He always protected me from evil.

In my mind I have a beautiful mum, with long, blonde curls. She always knew what to say, and  how to say it. In my imagination, every sunday, me, my mum, my dad, and Maxwell would go to a big, catholic church, with stain glass windows, and golden steps. 

I use to close my eyes and pretend that I was visiting the church, and I'd smile, and feel happy for a little bit.  I would imagine my mum holding my hand as we walked up the golden steps. I would imagine Maxwell teasing me about silly little things. I would imagine daddy smiling, and kissing me on the cheek. In my head, I had one, big, happy family. Just like in the story books.

One thing I never could imagine away was the great war itself, I was born into that war, how could I forget it, if I knew nothing but it?


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