Tobias Eaton-Divergent

We've heard of Beatrice Prior story in the amazing book "Divergent" But we've never heard Tobias story. This is the story of Tobias Eaton or known as Four. The story in his point of view. Love, death, battle, factions. DAUNTLESS. This book is written by me Sabitha Kiritharan.


1. Appitude Test- Tobias

I look repeatedly at my reflection  carefully, my eyes glued on the mirror with curiosity. My eyes staring at it with curiosity and interest. I've changed. A lot. Not surprising. What I see shocks me. I see a worthless poor sixteen-year-old boy in pain. A boy who is lost without his mother. A boy that would never receive a mother’s love. A boy who would never receive a loving mother. A boy who's whole life he had been called worthless. A boy who had always felt unwanted, like he didn't belong here or anywhere.I know who the boy is. Me. Today is the day, the day that I do the test. The aptitude test that will allow me to escape from my father clutches. I slip the silver locket from the bed. I gently open the locket. My eyes fill up with tears. The picture is of my mother. Her hair is a lovely shade of deep dark black and curls around her face, her black eyes smile into the locket as her face radiates like a hint of sunshine. I clench it tightly in my hand. Six years ago, my mother had died. I put the locket into my pocket. Feeling like a part of my mother is still here, with me now. Kind of silly really.

I walk out of my room, and feel my father dark blue piercing stare. I shut the door behind me, and begin my walk to the bus stop. The bus reeks of sweat and dirt. The bus travels alone uneven pavement. Causing me to jostle, crashing into a girl beside me. The girl looks at me annoyed, her black glasses rest on her nose. Her black pig tails surrounds her face, she looks at me with annoyance, and sticks her tongue at me. I look at the girl and see she is holding onto a uninteresting book with the title practical ways to a practical life. Boring. I hide a yawn.

“Do you mind?” the girl asks clearly annoyed at me, for disrupting her book.

“Sorry.” I apologize nervously, biting my lip which I did when I was nervous.

"Yeah right you are. I bet you did that on purpose." the girl argues, scowling at me with hate.

"I didn't." I protest valiantly, telling her the truth.

"Right. Like i believe you. Bump into some other girl instead. Like her." the girl tells me, pointing at my best friend Ella..

My best friend Ella stands on the aisle, clinging to railing above her head to keep her still. She bobs her head as the bus rocks, causing her long brown hair to bob up with her.  Her brown eyes looking away from me. Her lips in a pout as she stood there waiting to get to our school. I watch a man; several years older then me, with black hair, and dirty yellow teeth stand behind Ella. His hands touch her waist, and he beamed at Ella with lust.

“Do you mind?” Ella asked, staring at the man, shrugging his grip off her.

“Not much poppet.” He answers, wrapping his snake like arms around her.

Ella jumps up, and shivers, trying to push off the man arm off her.

"Leave me alone!" Ella protests, looking around for help.

Everyone around her just look at her, and shrug like there too busy to take notice. A man looks at her with pity, then goes pack to reading his newspaper. I jump up, causing the table in front of me to fall over. I watch people look around me. I run towards Ella. I clench my wrist tightly in anger.

“Get your hands of her!” I shout angrily with fury.

“No. Little boy, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll go away.” The man tells me.

I curl my fingers into a punch, and punch the man in the stomach. I watch as he groans in pain. He stands up and punches me in the eye. I stagger back then kick him. Watching as he lays several meters away. Even though I am in Abnegation I had never behaved like one. I was violent, and always into trouble, and a little dare devil. I always wondered that I should have been in Dauntless but I had been born in Abnegation. But I knew that I wanted to go in to Dauntless. Dauntless, the home of the brave and strong. The perfect faction for me.

“Thanks Tobias. But I didn't need you to save me.” Ella tells me kindly, but smiles with warmth.

“I know. Your Ella the girl that is tough as nails. However, trust me that guy could have hurt you Ella.” I point out.

“Now come on let’s get back to our seats.” I tell Ella smiling at her.

I walk towards my seat, and realize there is only one seat.

“You sit down; you've been standing for a long time.” I offer her, gesturing to the seat.

“Oh! It is because I am a girl right. It’s your seat, you had it first.” Ella answers.

“You sit on it," I tell her, smiling at her with warmth

Several minutes later, we stand on the side, clinging onto the rails. I watch a women look at me. Her eyes look over me in detail, then to the man who I hurt. From the look in her eye, I can see she is Amity. Amity honours the peaceful where as our fraction, the Abnegation-values selflessness. The bus stops in front of the school. I walk out with Ella.

My eyes look at the large metal statue outside the school, just longing for me to climb over it. We walk inside. A fear bites into me. What if I get Abnegation? There was no way I was going back to my father. We look at the time. It is after lunch. The aptitude tests start now. I run towards the cafeteria, a tired looking Ella behind me. We sit on the tables waiting for our names to be announced. Where, we will be called to a testing room. I sit on the table, my eyes looking at the table. The Amity table sits quietly on the table. While erudite talk about the latest books and what fraction they will think they will end up in. My eyes look at Dauntless. Where they laugh and have fun, and talk about which pranks they have pulled this week. My eyes look at my table. Ella sits opposite me, biting her nails in stress. A blonde girl who I know as Clarisse, studies a book. A boy with red hair looks at Clarisse in annoyance.

“It’s not a test you can study for Clarisse.” The boy tells her.

“I know Red.” Clarisse replies, still studying the book.

“Abnegation Tobias Eaton and Amity Lucy Hall.” The announcer announces.

I stand up, and watch a beautiful blonde haired girl who must be Lucy Hall walk to the testing room.

“Hi. I wish you luck!” I tell Lucy smiling.

“I know what you did in the train. It is Abnegations like you that disrupt our peace.” Lucy menaces at me.

I ignore her. Little brat. I cross my fingers for the girl Lucy to be fractionless. I walk inside my testing room. I see a slim woman with black hair and many tattoos. She wore a black top, and black trousers. I could see on her arm there was a tattoo. With a skull that said death. I knew then more not to say anything. From the look of her, I can assume she is Dauntless. The fraction I wish to become. She slips something on my head.

“I'm Anna, Tobias Eaton right.” Anna asks.

“Yes.” I reply.

She gives me a vial with clear water. I look at it curiously.

“Don’t worry it has no poison.” Anna tells me, as if she thinks I am scared.

I tip the context, and fall into a sleep.

I see a knife and a gun. I pick the knife up. Suddenly a three-headed dog chases me. My heart starts to pound rapidly. I wipe beads of sweat that trickle down my face. Suddenly, I remember something I learned in my school. I lie on the floor, watching the three-headed dog lie on the floor just like I was doing myself. Suddenly I stand up. Then the scene changed my father is there. He is shouting at me, a knife in his hand. I see a gun on the table beside me. My father charges towards me, the knife in his hand. I pick the gun and shoot him, before he gets here. I watch as he collapses on the floor, blood surrounding him. Suddenly I wake up. Anna gasps, walks out and comes back in. I know what she is going to say before she say’s it.

“Abnegation.” She tells me.

This is what I have known for ages, and I know the choice I am going to make. Dauntless.

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