The Gummy Bear Appocalipse

A short story about Gummy Bears! P.S. This is Louis Tomlinson's girls BFF


1. The Beginning

 At first it seemed like a normal day in gummy ville. But if you look closer you will notice something strange going on. 

 One day I was walking in gummy ville on a cold afternoon, in September. As I was walking I heard a girl scream, so naturally I turned around to see a blue gummy bear stealing her shoe! Very weird I know but stay with me. So I ran because I didn't want my shoe stolen! I love my black and sparkly converse shoes. Once I got to my house I locked the doors and bolted the windows. The apocalypse was starting i could tell.

 I was sitting in my room when I heard a knock on the door. I went  to door to find a red gummy bear standing there with a knife in its hand. I screamed bloody murder! I ran away from the door and got my gun, when I came back he was GONE! Ahhhhhhhhhhh scary much! And then all of the sudden the house started to shake a little. So I went to all the windows to find GIANT gummy bears outside my windows and in the distance I saw the RED GUMMY BEAR holding the KNIFE!  

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