House of Hades

Percy and Annabeth are trapped in Tartarus, the rest of the Seven are traveling to the Doors of Death to free them. Camp Jupiter is marching on to attack Camp Halfblood and Leo Valdez STILL doesn't have a girlfriend. What will happen next in the House of Hades?


1. Chapter One

*Chapter I*


When Jason saw the sea monsters heading straight towards the Argo II, he knew he was in for a rough morning. Things had been going bad enough, with Coach Hedge beating the crud out of some walls with his goat/ninja hooves and Leo sitting by his control panel with his head in his hands, continuously muttering,

"Why did I break the stupid fortune cookie?"

Whatever in Zeus' name meant.

It seemed like wind had been knocked out of demigod's sails (ignore the pun) when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus. Jason knew that they were the true leaders of the group. Annabeth was so calm headed and clever, whereas Percy was a brilliant fighter and practically unstoppable when around water. Jason was powerful; he knew that. But Percy was so- so unpredictable. He would be doing one thing, you'd think you had anticipated what he was going to do next, and then he fool you and veer off in an entirely different direction. However much Jason thought he'd done, Percy and Annabeth had done far more. They were a powerful duo, and the other halfbloods needed them around.

And now they were gone. Dragged down into the depths of Hell, only to face some of the most horrific monsters known to man. Nico, the only one among them who had actually been to Tartarus, seemed fairly confident they would survive. But Jason had his doubts. Annabeth was already wounded, and who knew what could happen down there?

Jason walked into the mess hall of the ship and saw Piper sitting alone, staring at her knife. Out of everyone, she was the only one who hadn't said anything about all the events. Jason walked over to her and slid in beside her.

"Hi." he said simply.

Piper's head snapped up and she caught sight of him.

"Oh, Jason." she said quietly.


"Are you okay?" Jason asked gently.

Piper nodded quickly and then shook her head, tears welling up and spilling over. Jason opened his arms and Piper flew in, sobbing.

"I just keep thinking- why couldn't it have been me? I'm useless, a daughter of Aphrodite. I can only predict relationships and charm speak. Annabeth is a daughter of wisdom and warfare! We need her around! Why couldn't it have been me?"

Jason didn't respond; just holding her close and waiting for her to cry herself out. After about ten minutes, the sobs stopped and Jason held Piper at arms-length and wiped her eyes with the back of his hand.

"Piper." he said firmly.

"Pipes, look at me."

His girlfriend looked up and he continued, saying,

"You are not useless. You are a great fighter, and a pretty smooth talker who always gets us out of sticky situations."

Piper smiled and this and Jason grinned.

"See? There's the Piper I know; the gorgeous daughter of Aphrodite who is makes this crazy trip bearable."

Piper grinned weakly and hugged him. Jason glanced at her discarded knife and she said,

"I was trying to get a vision of Percy and Annabeth. But it's not working."

Before Jason had a chance to respond, they heard a shout that's they'd come to know pretty well. It was Coach Hedge's war cry.


By the gigantic roar that came next, whatever was out there was definitely not a shrimp.

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