It's been 3 years ....

Harry was always the school's Nerd unlike Maddie who wasn't popular but had a good amount of friends One day Harry ask's Maddie out she is not sure if she should say yes or no. Harry and her make a deal after 3 years when there both 19 years old they will date what happens after the 3 years are up will harry still be his nerdy self or will he be different ...Read to find out !


1. It's been 3 years

It's Been 3 Years 

I was on the couch watching Spongebob my favorite ! I heard the door bell ring so i walked over to the door When i opened it there was A Boy he looked around my age (19) He had brown curly hair and Dazzling Green eyes Hi i greeted him Hi he replied so what can i help you with i asked him. He looked at me funny don't you remember me He asked I shook my head no sorry i don't I replied Harry ...Harry styles My jaw dropped. Your not Harry i said 

He had glasses 

Good point ...Eye contacts 

He didn't have curly hair 

New hair style

I wiggled my eyebrows Okay if you are harry whats my favorite flower ? 

Trick question You can't decide But you know that at your wedding you are carrying Red Roses Down the isle you think those are the most romance type of flower he stated 

My eyes widened Omg Harry  He rolled his eye and giggled He walked in the house and went to the living room and sat i closed the door behind me and Walked out to the living room too.So Harry why did you change your look i asked "Well first nobody liked the old me so i figured people would like me this way " I liked you the old way the harry way i said to Him. Thanks he smiled So why are you here anyway i mean i am happy you are but why ? Because of our deal He said Looking at me

Our deal ? i asked very confused 

maybe this will refresh your mind 3 years ...

My eyes Widened  oh That deal i said gulping 

 it's been 3 years he said looking at me 

What have i got my self into i thought .


Hope U like it so far if you do like and favor the story that would mean the WORLD to me!!! And if you could check out my other storys that would be AWESOME !!!!! Thanks ~jojo <3 

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