Killer Cats

Kirsten was almost normal, but not just quite. Just a silly girl and totally creeped out friends, what can possibly go right? Although out of all her friends her favorite, and most messed up was Syd. Her cat buddy, though, seemed nice enough, but if you watched him at night you would see him planning things. Many people thought she was crazy when she told you this, but not her friend Syd. They had stayed up late one night and watched buddy make plans. They were frightened but were unable to get anyone to believe them.
Tonight was a night like any other. It was June 8th. The girls knew from many nights of watching Buddy that this was the night Buddy’s plans went into action. He, Buddy, was going to set fire to the city. They lived in the heart of Chicago. He called the fire ‘The Great Chicago Fire Reincarnated’. He had an army of cats living across the city. Tonight at exactly 7 the city would burn. The girls had tried to get rid of Buddy but he always came back.


1. Trial 1

"BEEP BEEP BEEP!" My stupid alarm screeched. I hit the button and was about to go back to sleep when I remembered, today was our last chance to stop buddy. I shot up and looked out the window. The sun was just begining to rise.   We had a total of twelve hours before Chicago burns.   The army of cats Buddy commanded wouldn't  know what to do without Buddy. Therefore by taking out Buddy we stop the fires from starting. I grabbed my phone and called Syd, she answered on the first ring.   "What's the plan this time?" Syd asked. She had always been the mastermind but this time I had ideas of my own.   My parents and 2 brothers were still asleep, and sure enough, there was Buddy laying on the couch, talking into the phone. Yes, I said talking. He had somehow acheived the ability of human speech. It sounded like he was talking to one of his generals.   Syd was outside my apartment building just incase Buddy tried to escape. I snuck up behind him and grabbed him. I grabbed a bag from the closet and unceremoniusly stuffed him in it. He was clawing and fighting but this bag was unbreakable, at least to him. I walked to the window and flung it open. Sure, I didnt want to kill an innocent cat but Buddy was no innocent cat.   I shut my eyes as I let go of the bag.   There was no way he could survive this 46 story drop.    I went back to bed and texted Syd saying she could go.   The deed was done.   I waited all day for him to make a reappearance, as always, but he didn't. 7 came and went.   I had finally succeded in ridding the world of the menace named Buddy.   At eight, I called Syd to inform her that we had gotten rid of him for good. After hearing her yell in relief, I hung up.   I heard a voice behind me, "You know trying to kill me wasn't very nice." I slowly turned to see a slightly limping, brown, tabby cat walk into my room.   He was back.

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