The Teen Wolf's Sister

This story is based on the T.V series 'Teen Wolf'
I've made my own little twist on the story line but I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks xx.


1. Try Out's - (Chapter 1)

Mia's P.O.V


"Mia? Mia, can you please tell me the answer to the word equation?" I slowly opened my eyes to find the whole class staring at me. "Uh sorry Mr Harris, I don't know what the answer is." 
"Uh, I thought so. Stiles!? The answer please." 

"Simple, Sodium + chlorine = sodium chlorine, which is also known as salt." The bell echoed through the small classroom and everyone got up from there seats and rushed to the door. I took my time getting up from my seat when Mr Harris stopped me. 

"Mia, it's not the first time you've feel asleep in my chemistry class." He leaned in closer. "I'm sorry Mr Harris, it won't happen again, I promise." He nodded slightly. I quickly got up from my seat and was stopped by Stiles and Scott waiting at the class entrance. 

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Stiles asked me while we walked towards my locker. I breathed in and nodded. I Grabbed my gym bag from in my locker and Headed for the field.

"McCall, Stilinski and.... McCall?" Coach said surprisingly. "Here to watch try outs, eh Miss McCall? All the boys that were trying out turned to look at me and Coach. "Actually Coach, I wanna try out for the lacrosse team." 

The boys and Coach chuckled. "Sorry Mia but this team is strictly for boys only." Jackson called out. "Then what are you doing here?" I snapped back. "Just give me a chance Coach." He gave in and nodded. "Don't blame me if you get hurt!" He warned me. 

"Jackson go goal!" Coach yelled. Jackson adjusted his helmet and slipped on his gloves. "Mia, why don't you go first, show us what your made of?" I gulped and nodded not so confidently. "You'll do great, do what we do in training." Scott whispered into my ear. 

I gripped the crosse in my hand and scooped up the ball. I could hear my heart racing and looked into Jackson's eyes. My hand gripped tighter around the crosse. I ran towards the goal, towards Jackson. I flung back my arm and brought it forward. The ball flew through the air, past Jackson and through the clean white net of the goal. 

The long silence was soon broken. "Yeah- yes!!!" Stiles yelled out. I took my helmet off and looked back at Jackson. His finger traced around the net of the goal. I gave him a dirty look and looked around at Coach. "Bravo Miss McCall. He clapped slowly. 

"Mia! Back of the line! Scott your up!"

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