true love

taylor falls in love with a prince and the prince is going to be married in 5 weeks will she be able to get her true love the prince erik


1. love at first site

Hi my name is Taylor. I'm going to england in a couple hours. its so exciting I evan payed more money so I could see the prince before he gets married in a couple of weeks I hope we become great friends but he is rich and im poor so it probly wont happen but I better get off to the airport its very busy because everyone wants to see the wedding and if you become friends with the prince you could go to thier wedding and everyone knows they serve lobster the most rich tasting food in the whole country of england but thats not why im going I already have a invation my aunt her doughter alison is the bride and she knew I was coming for the summer and my flightto go back home is a week after thier wedding but I heard that he is so cute! 4 hours later that was a hassel somelady and her kids snuck on the plane they were in the luggage sadly they didnt make it they were found at china by the flight atendant when they were loading on other peoples luggage so every one had to speak to a dective so they know it wasent murder but they found out that it was suicide so no one was in trouble but im here and the prince I fell in love but how would i stop the wedding like if alison knew i was in love with eric she wouldnt let me go to the wedding well lets see if I can get him before the wedding date i hope so or I will be dead in side.

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