A little series of dates and run-ins between a very obsessed Hermione and a confused Draco. My first fanfiction!


1. Obsession


She was obsessed. It was a simple, logical fact and she couldn't deny it any longer. If it was anyone other than him she could deal with it, after all she had dealt with Ron. But this was Draco Malfoy, snarky, sarcastic and selfish when put under an angelic light. Maybe that was the reason she was inexplicably drawn to him... Hermione's thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt as the boy in question swaggered past the Gryffindor table, slightly brushing against her. She sighed wistfully and went back to eating her breakfast (though Ron would class it as pushing food around her plate).

He watched her, using a jug to disguise it. He didn't like it how every time he brushed past her it sent sparks up his arm. Or how he felt content when looking at her and almost blushed when she glanced his way. Almost. Draco felt like a first year Huffle-Puff, thinking about girls and letting the thoughts appear whenever they wanted to, which was most of the time. He could only do one thing. Act like a Slytherin and hope his charm was enough to persuade her once he was right up close.

Hermione threw her books into her bag and headed for potions. She had to stop thinking about him or she'd go insane. She raced down the stairs and to the classroom with thoughts of Draco wreaking havoc in her head until a certain wall-like something stopped her. As she fell down she expected the harsh, cold stone floor to greet her but instead her fall was broken by something warm, smelling of winter mornings. She lay there for a few seconds before coming to her senses and getting up, wincing with pain as a nasty bruise on her forehead decided to make itself known. Horrified, she looked down at floor where Draco Malfoy lay,not moving, with his eyes closed. Terrified of what she may have done, she knelt down beside him, whispering his name into his ear to no avail. She was just about to levitate him to the infirmary when he opened his eyes, sat up and looked at her, adoration in his eyes. Blushing, he asked a startled Hermione the question that had plagued his mind for days;

         Hermione, would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me next weekend?

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