One Direction Imagines

One Direction Imagines.
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1. 'Interview' - Louis

Earlier in the week, a televised interview show had contacted you asking you to appear as a special guest interviewer for your boyfriend, Louis, and his band mates, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn. The show had asked you not to tell any of the boys, especially Louis, so that they would be surprised. You agreed, wondering what on earth you were supposed to be asking the boys. On the day of the interview, you left the house two hours before Louis, explaining to him that you’d be at the interview for support, but first you had to grab somethings. He didn’t question you, just kissed you goodbye and wished you a good day.


You arrived at the television studio and were greeted by a woman with a headset. She showed you to a dressing room and handed you a couple of sheets of paper. ‘Its alright if you don’t remember all these questions, but try and ask a few of them, alrighty?’ She smiled at you before leaving the room. You quickly scanned over the questions to find the most ridiculous ones questions but also some practical ones. You laughed at a few of them, trying to remember them. When you were sure you remembered a few funny ones, you relaxed and pulled out your phone. You had a text from Louis that read: ‘See you soon babe. It means a lot that you’ll be there, x ‘. You smiled at the text before replying with ‘Of course Lou! I’ll be there to support you, just don’t embarrass me too much, okay? x’. He quickly replied with ‘I’ll try, no promises though ;) x ‘. You couldn’t help but laugh. You were going to have to ask him some questions concerning you, no doubt about it. You just couldn’t wait to hear his answers…


After another hour of waiting, another girl with a headset and clipboard entered your room. ‘(Y/N), we’re ready for you now. Follow me and we shall wait for your cue. Good luck!’ You smiled at the girl and followed her down a long corridor onto a small side room. It had a TV in it, showing the interview. You saw all the boys sitting on a couch and Niall was talking about something. You saw Liam and Louis throw a glance at the audience, then turning back to face each other with confused expressions. Liam must have been looking for his girlfriend and Louis must have been looking for you. You couldn’t help but smile as you pictured Louis and the rest of the boys faces when you walked out. ‘So boys, we have a special guest interviewer here with us today, would you like to meet her?’ The interviewer asked. The boys all looked at each-other and nodded, obviously confused. The girl with the headset nodded at you. You took a deep breath and made your way onto the stage.


You were coming in from behind the boys, so they hadn’t seen you yet, but the audience was laughing with a few awes thrown in. The guys quickly snapped their heads around and started laughing when they saw you. You just smiled at them and sat next to the main interviewer. You looked at Louis. He had a rather confused look on his face but he was laughing along. Once the noise died down, the Interview officially began.

Interviewer: Presenting our special guest interviewer, (Y/N)! You boys are familiar with (Y/N), are you not?

Liam: Can’t say I am.

Harry: Yeah, I don’t believe I’ve ever met her before.

Interviewer: Very funny boys. Well, if none of you seem to know her, you won’t be embarrassed by the questions she has to ask.

Zayn: Oh..

Niall: My..

Liam: Come to think of it, I do know her…Err….Louis?

Louis: No way, I wanna hear this.

Interviewer: That’s the spirit Louis! You’ll be right boys, its only G rated material. I think... (Y/N), over to you

(Y/N): Hmm... Let me see. I think there will be a few thousand Directioners curious about this answer. How long…

Harry: (Y/N)!

(Y/N): Let me finish Harry! How long have you been singing for? The audience laughed and Harry blushed, as his guess at the question was waay off. Louis slung an arm around his mates shoulder and just laughed. I mean, really, what else was there to do?

Zayn: Well, Harry was in a band before One Direction, and the rest of us have been singing for basically our whole lives.

(Y/N): Well, thanks for shedding some light on that subject, Zayn. Now, Niall, If you had to choose between owning every Nandos’ restaurant in the world, or being in One Direction, what would you choose?

Niall: Christ, really? That’s actually surprisingly easy to answer. Of course I’d choose Nandos’. Kidding fellas! No, but seriously, I’d choose One Direction, it’s my life and I couldn’t even imagine life without these boys. They’re my brothers; they make me happy and so does singing. I mean, yeah, I love Nandos’, but I can eat there whenever, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Liam: Love you too, bro.

(Y/N): Haha, Harry?

Harry: Oh god, do I even want to hear it? This really isn’t a fair interview you know? She’s just getting me back for last time I played a prank on her!

(Y/N): Calm your farm Harry. Crikey! All I was going to ask was, what do you look for in a girl?

Harry: Oh… well then. Um… I’m not sure. I guess you don’t know what you’re looking for until you find it. But I guess the main thing is a nice smile, or confidence. Like, I want her to be able to approach me without going all fangirly and freaking me out. Because trust me, that happens a lot! I don’t want a girl to treat me differently because of my social status; I want her to think of me as a normal person. Wait, no I can’t say that, because what is normal… Like someone you’d interact with on a daily basis.

(Y/N): Aw, that was deep Harry. Liam, can you explain the whole ‘fear of spoons’ thing you’ve got going?

Liam: Er, I don’t really have a choice, do i?

(Y/N): Nope.

Liam: Brilliant. Right, well, I guess it’s because, you know with metal spoons they reflect things? I guess it’s the fact that I can see myself in the spoon, and that just creeps me out. I mean seriously, aint nobody wanna see themselves before they take a bite of something.

Harry: You can see yourself in the spoon? How on earth did you get in the spoon?

Liam: On. I said on, didn’t i?

Zayn: No… I don’t believe you did. It’s alright Liam, we’ve all been in spoons before.

Niall: What the …

(Y/N): Moving on…

Interviewer: Louis, you’ve been exceedingly quiet today, what’s going on?

Louis: Err… I guess I’m sort of… concerned about what she’s going to ask me…

Liam: You’ll be right mate. Just think of all the things you could say about her…

Interviewer: And here I was thinking Liam was the nice one, when secretly, he’s the evil genius who plots peoples demises. I’m worried about you, Liam.

Niall: Worry not milady, that’s why there’s four more of us, to keep his scheming to a minimum.

(Y/N): Louis, I’m not asking you anything

Louis: Thank god for that

(Y/N): You’re getting ahead of yourself, love. I’m not, but the other boys are.

Zayn: We are?

(Y/N): Yes

Harry: Oh this is gonna be gold!

(Y/N): Zayn, If you had to choose, and I mean had to, there is no way around it, between cutting off all your hair and never having it grow again, or getting all your tattoo’s removed, what would you choose?

Zayn: You’re bloody joking! What kind of question is that? Geeze, I dunno… Getting them all removed would be severely painful, so I guess… never having my hair grow again. I mean, who knows, I may look sexy with no hair. And they have wigs… so, I’d do the hair option.

Niall: You’re a brave man, Zayn. At least now we all know, deep down, you think of yourself bald, and you think that’s a sexy image. On behalf of everyone watching, I’d like to thank you for putting that image in our minds.

Zayn: You’re welcome mate.

(Y/N): So.. I’ve had my turn, boys? Your turn to ask Lou.

Harry: Don’t worry (Y/N), we’ll try not to make him embarrass you too much.

(Y/N): Thanks Harry, that’s very considerate of you.

Interviewer: Any more sarcasm from you two and I think you’ll give the word a new meaning.

Niall: I’m first! Louis… When you first saw (Y/N), what did you honestly think of her?

Louis: I honestly thought she was crazy. I also thought she looked like the happiest person alive.

Zayn: Where did you first see her?

Louis: Well I was walking through a park at the end of my street, and it was raining. I saw (Y/N) just.. I guess you could call it dancing in the rain. I mean, she looked so carefree, I admired it. Most girls would freak if they were out in the freezing cold rain, but she was just laughing. She looked so beautiful with rain drops on her face, and no makeup on.

Harry: How did you introduce yourself to her and get her to go out with you?

Louis: I just walked up to her. She stopped her dancing and greeted me. She acted like I was any other person, and I really liked that. As for getting her to go out with me, all I did was ask if she wanted to go get something warm to drink, and it just went from there.

Harry: (Y/N), what else happened?

(Y/N): Well I must admit I was a bit cold, and he gave me his jacket. It was pretty cute. I still have that jacket. He seemed really laid back. Of course I knew who he was, but I genuinely wanted to get to know him. When we were getting our drinks, he kept making me laugh, and I guess I just completely fell for him.

Liam: Louis, if you could change one thing about your relationship, what would it be?

Louis: I’d change the fact that she was still my girlfriend.

Niall: WHAT?!

Louis: I’d make her more than that.

Liam: Aw! And when are you planning on doing that?

Louis: Soon. Very soon.

(Y/N): I love you Lou.

Louis: I love you too beautiful.

Interviewer: I think you two are just adorable together. You’re lucky to have eachother.

(Y/N): I know.

Interviewer: Well I think that concludes our interview…

Harry: Wait! One more question, but this ones for (Y/N).

(Y/N): Oh, no.

Harry: Yes. This is happening. How was it last night?

Niall: What happened last night?

Zayn: You know…

Niall: Oh…Ohh… OH! You just blushed and turned your head from a smirking Harry.

Harry: Come on (Y/N), you have to answer. You have no choice, remember?

(Y/N): You know what Harry? It was fantastic. Absolutely magnificent.

Interviewer: And on that note, Thankyou everyone for tuning in! See you next week for an exclusive interview of another celebrity group!

All the boys: Thankyou for watching!

Interviewer: And thankyou (Y/N), for coming on!

(Y/N): No problem. Bye everyone.


As you were leaving the stage, you felt an arm wrap around your waist. You turned in Louis’ arms and kissed him deeply.

‘That wasn’t too bad, was it love?’ You smiled at him.

‘It really wasn’t. I love you Louis, forever and always.’

‘As I love you, (Y/N). Don’t ever forget it.’ With that, the two of you left the studio together. Over the next few hours, pictures of the kiss you shared after the interview were plastered all over the internet. Neither of you minded, as you were with each other. You spent the remainder of the day in that very park you met in. When the sun finally disappeared, you both went to the café where you got those first drinks together. It was perfect, because you were with him, and he was with you. All that mattered was that he loved you and you loved him, and nobody could change that. That night, when you were falling asleep in his arms, he kissed you softly, but with so much meaning, that it couldn’t be described. Together, was how you would spend the rest of your lives.



Hello all! Thanks a heap for reading my first imagine! I hope you liked! I take requests, so message me. Follow me on Twitter- @SaraahRenee and you can DM me on there or comment beloww!!! xxx

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