Imagines :)

I will write any little imagines you want about One Direction, The Vamps, or just any boys in general:) Sorry about the picture, I couldn't find any that we're small enough to fit all of them:(


1. Here's the deal...

Hey lovelies! 

Well, I've decided to start doing short imagines for you all. I will be doing One Direction, The Vamps, or any random boy you want.

Here's what I need:

Name (or a name you want to be)


Who you want it to be with

Do you want them to be famous or not?

One random fact about yourself

What you want it to be about (break-up, best friends, that sort of thing)

Anything else you wish for me to know! 

I can also do just 'made up' boys. If you want me to make you up a guy:) 

*I do not do dirty imagines, sorry* 


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