Me & 1D

Annie and Lisa are 1D fans. They dream about meeting 1D. But when they meet 1D it's more like a nightmare than a dream!!


1. "Bumping" into 1D

"Lisa when do they come on" said Annie.

"7.00 so 5 hours to go" said Lisa.

"5 hours!!!! Come on let's go and try and find them." Said Annie she was always the unstoppable dare devil.

"But we are not allowed to."

"Do you want to meet them or not?"

"Fine" said Lisa. Annie grabbed Lisa's hand and directed her down the hallway after 30 minutes of looking they found a door with a do not enter sign on it. This attracted Annie to the door. Because of her daredevil nature she was desperate to open the door. So she pushed it slightly before Lisa pulled her hand away.

"No! We can't go in there!! It says do not enter!"

"That's only because one direction will be at the other side of the door" exclaimed Annie

"How sure are you Annie" asked Lisa

"100%" Lisa slightly pushed the door before Annie gave it a hard nudge. It opened and to there amazement Louis, Niall, Harry and Liam were standing directly in front of them staring at the ground. Annie and Lisa looked to the ground and to there horror Zayn was lying on the floor knocked out cold. Everyone crouched around Zayn trying to wake him up and talk to him. But he was still completely out cold. Lisa started crying and Louis went round and hugged her knowing that her and Annie didn't mean to hurt Zayn. Paramedics and police arrived. Everyone watched Zayn being carried out of the building in a stretcher. Annie and Lisa were arrested and were in the back of a police car. Annie and Lisa were in the mists of a nightmare!


Tell me what you think in the comment section:D

This is just the start of it but I want to know what people think before I carry on writing:Dx

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