The Perspective of a Girl from District 10

The Quarter Quell has once again fallen over the districts of Panem. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark have begun training in their district for this event, but what about the other districts? A young girl by the name of Hunter Stone ,14, is about to go back into the arena of the Hunger Games. After her victory at the age of 12, the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games, is about to go back and try to win the Hunger Games once again. But she doesn't know what might happen. Instead of coming back in the Capitol train, she may come back in a wooden coffin. I hope you enjoy this! It's my first ever movellas book!


1. The 73rd Hunger Games

  Running for my life. I'm afraid I may not be able to escape. She's closing in on me. I push myself harder, willing myself further, until I can reach it. The Cornucopia. I can see it! Just a little farther and-  I fall flat on my face, searing pain coming from my leg and blood gushing from the wound. She must have thrown her club, I thought bitterly. I get back up, ignoring the pain in my leg, and drag it behind me as I race for the Cornucopia. 

 I reach the Cornucopia with perfect timing. She's right behind me. I grab the first weapon my hands reach- a bow and arrows- and ready my weapon. As soon as she's close enough I let my arrow soar, piercing her heart in one swift motion, killing her in an instance. I know it's over now. I've won. I am the winner of the seventy-third annual Hunger Games. I hear the legendary voice, Claudius Templesmith, announce my name over some unknown speaker. 

 I see the hovercraft appear above me and the ladder being lowered. I grab onto it, automatically frozen, although I'm steadily losing consciousness from blood loss. By the time I'm in the ship, the blackness that has been threatening to invade my mind takes over. 

 I wake up in a sort of hospital room. I can see that I attached to some sort of tubes in the wall. I'm not awake for long, though, for I can feel something cold from the tubes entering my bloodstream. 

 I finally wake up and I am unattached from the tubes. I look around and find my outfit that I'm supposed to wear at the foot of my bed. I quickly put it on and try to find the door. It blends in with the wall. I walk out the door and then to the dressing rooms, where my stylist will prepare me for the recap of the brutal event that I have just won. 

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