The wrath of the Games.

A girl named Brooklynn is thrust into the arena with her secret crush, Finnick Odair. Having won the Hunger Games two years ago, she thought she was safe. She was wrong; dead wrong.


1. The sad discovery

My name is Brooklynn. I live in District 4. When I won the 73rd Hunger Games, I thought I was safe from the games. Nevermore to compete, I could live a happy life. That thought remained with me until the 75th Hunger Games, which was the 3rd Quarter Quell. I was watching the card for the Quarter Quell being drawn and when they said past tributes had to go into the arena, my heart raced. If I'm not safe as a past Victor, I'm not safe at all! I thought. "Does that mean you'll be in the Hunger Games again?" asked my little sister, Cassie. "I don't know, Cassie." I replied. My mom looked at me with tears in her eyes. "Brooke, please, do whatever you can to prevent yourself from entering that arena." "I'll try Mom. I swear." I assured her. Later on, I realized I broke my promise.

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