The Becoming Of The Packs

This is a book you readers can get involved with. Ever wanted to be a wolf, or just a little wild with a second life. I am starting a book about a wolf called EveningStar. This wolf is my wolf of course. Well EveningStar is gunna need a bunch of companions and enemies along the way. To join in the fun please read the introduction to get involved at any point in the story. I will always make room for someone, so nobody will loose out x


2. Pack Members

I welcome you readers to all the amazing characters that made this book possible.


EveningStars Pack: (aka the good guys)

Account: Evelana

Name: Lana
(Teenaged wolf)
Type: a snow wolf
Colour: White and grey
Eyes: Blue
Scars: Butterfly scar on my shoulder
Markings: gray patches you will see in the image below
Power: The ability to move things with my mind
Skills: Fast, cunning, a great climber, sly and swift
Job: either a hunter or a spy whatever fits best
Family: long lost sister
Reason: I used to be in the bad pack but I changed to the good side when I saw what the bad pack was doing.
Story: I grew up as an orphan being razed in evil ways by the bad pack then I see what they are doing and switch sides only to find out that I am a long lost sister.

Acount/Name: Midnight Rogue
Type:Elderly Wolf
Fur color: Black
Eyes: Blue
Scars/Other markings: None
Power: Foresight
Skills: Hunting, fighting.
Job: Hunter
Family/Reason/Story: Became disbanded from another pack because of a disagreement with the alpha male, and joined this one. Became extremely wise as the journey to seek out a new pack progressed. She is self-sufficient and perhaps a little selfish.

Account: Potatoes are the best

Name: Larria Westwood
(Teenaged wolf)
Type: Wolf
Black with little bits of grey
Eyes: Blue with spots of purple (black when angry)
Scars: A small scar across her forehead
Markings: Some small spots of white
Power: Control other peoples minds with her mind/emotion
Skills: Great person to be around in tight situations, and is a great leader (if possible like to be leader if something like lead the good guys into battle)
Job: fighter and look out when needed. Dreams of one day being leader of the wolf fighters.
Family: Taken in by a pack member.
was in a bad pack and ran away to join Evening Star's pack.
Story: When I was a cub, I was abused by my step dad. I eventually decided to run away, almost joining the CatClawClan. Before I made a terrible mistake I decided to join Evening Star's pack . I fell in love with Evening Star's ex boyfriend Valient. He is an Alpha from another pack.

Account: Prez
Name: Shadow


Type: Grey Wolf

Fur colour: Black

Eyes: Red

Scars: Over left eye and across muzzle

Other markings: None

Power: Can breathe underwater

Skills: Fast and intelligent

Job: Spy

Family: Sister

Reason: Abandoned as a pup

Story: Shadow was abandoned as a pup, and began to follow an older wolf around, thus earning her name. He recently attacked her, giving her the scars.

Account: NO ACOUNT (my real life brother)

Name: Raven
(Teenaged wolf)
Type: Timber Wolf
Colour: Brown
Eyes: 1 brown,1Blue
Scars: None
Markings: Dark black patches down my back
Power: Telepathic
Skills: Good at hunting
Job: Fighter
Family: Brother
Reason: I'm your brother!
Separated from family when young, finally reunited with my sister.

Acount: elizabeth623
(Teenaged Wolf)
fur: white
eye: sapphire blue
scars: across her stomach
power: teleport
skills: fast and powerful
job: babysitter and huntress
family: abandoned
reason: unknown
story: i got my power from my parents. they were special wolves and it wasnt safe. they had to flee but i don't remember this.

Acount: ATarnishedSoul
Name: Nyx
Teen Wolf
Type: Wolf
Fur Colour: Light dirty brown
Eyes: Gold with flecks of light brown
Scars: None
Other Markings: Engraved letter N
Power: Able to read and feel nature
Skills: Extremely good stealth and hunting skills
Job: Teaching pups how to hunt
Family: I'm a stray, I don't have a family who stuck up for me or a family who would rather leave with their daughter then stay with the ignorant Alpha. I don't have anyone but hope.
Reason: Not enough good wolves out there to make a change.
Story: After a disagreement with my alpha, I was banished from the pack for standing up for my rights and disobeying the alpha. I was then casted away as a stray and roamed the forest waiting for hope. I like to be independent in my own way my alpha just didn't seem to give me that independence.  

  Acount: Crazyt1ime

Name: Kyle
(Teenaged wolf)
Type: snow wolf
Fur Colour: White and shiny
Eyes: Bright blue
Scars A mark above my left eye
Power: Senses danger
Skills: Speed, sneaky
Job: Hunter
Story: Lost my family and became alone trying to survive by myself.

Acount: Rosalind

Name: Larry

(Adult Wolf)
Fur Colour: Black and white fur
Scars: Scar on my eye (like scar from lion king)
Other Markings: None
Power: I can breathe fire and water :D
Skills: Sneaky (like a ninja)
Family:  Evening Stars sister
Job: Fighter
Reason: I was too 'different'
Story: my dad was a wizard (I don't know) xD

Acount: Potterheadsrule:)
Name: Brynna
Age: Teen
Type: wolf
Fur color: shimmering white
Eyes: light blue
Scars: one on right front leg
Other markings: none
Power: to control snow
Skills: fast and light on feet
Job: a hunter
Family: EveningStars half sister
Reason: ran away when younger
Story: Brynna ran away when she was younger cause her mother told her that her uounger

sibling had just disappeared angry she ran away. She got her powers when she stayed the

whole night freezing on a blanket of snow, the snow found its way to her heart and sense

then she could always control snow.

Acount/Name: Evangelina
Child, teen, adult, or elderly: Youngster
type: bird (Swift: The fastest species on earth)
Power: Ability to change feather colors to blend in perfectly as camouflage.
Job: Lookout or spy (my power is useful when spying)
Feather color: Can change anytime but normally (when not spying!) shimmering silver& black
Eyes: silver
reason/story: Was born to normal swifts, but was silver when born. Terrified swift parents kicked her out of her nest. She later found out her ability, went back to parents as a normal black but the parents were even more terrified. Scarred from past, she found eveningstar...
Feather color" Can change anytime, but normally (when not in work)

Acount: Mirlotta
Name: Kalia
Age: Teen
Type: Wolf
Fur Colour: Full Grey
Eyes: Piercing Green
Scars: Multiple scars across face, and a few on her sides (all gained in her many triumphant combats)
Power: Always wins a fight (lucky streak)
Skills: Very clever, and a very talented fighter
Job: Hunter/Fighter
Family: No relation
Story/Reason: Used to be bad, but escaped, and was taken in as a cub by Eveningstar's pack. For this reason she is quite the loner, and doesn't join the other wolves as muxh as she is able to. However, she is an admired, and greatly feared part of the pack, and no one wants to get on her bad side... They no how lucky she really is when it comes to combat!!!!

Acount: wolfsi
Name: Rex
Age: Teen
Type: Golden Eagle
Feather Colour: Brown
Eyes: Amber
Scars: He has a scar down his left eye
Other Markings: None
Power: See in heat vision
Skills: Flight, fast, silent in the air, clumsy on the ground
Job: Hunt small prey for the young cubs. A scout (Look out, checking the coast is clear, tracker, finding missing pack members, spying from above, and a watcher)
Family: He is a good friend of Eveningstars pack as she raised him from an egg
Reason: After leaving to find a mate, his wife and chicks were murdered by the Cat Claw Clan. So he joined Eveningstars pack to get revenge, and so he no longer felt so lonely.
Story: When he was just an egg, his parents were shot down by humans, he was the only egg not to smash open on the forest floor. The obly chance of a sibling was destroyed in the fall from the tree. He only hatched because Eveningstar found the cold egg in the smashed up nest. He got the scar in combat, as he tried to save his wife, and three children. Their screams still haunting his dreams...

Acount: I <3 Annabeth Chase
Name: Annabeth Chase
Age: Teen
Type: Wolf
Fur Colour: Shimmering White
Eyes: Light Blue
Scars: One on right front leg
Other Markings: None
Power: To Control Snow
Skills: Fast, and light on her feet. Can run across snow, without sinking
Job: Hunter
Family: Half Sister
Reason: Ran away when younger
Story: Annabeth Chase ran away when she was younger because her mother told her that her younger siblings has just dissapeared, so Annabeth Chase did the same. She got her powers when she stayed the whole night freezing on a blanket of snow, buried beneath it, she surfaced with a power of snow control. The snow found a way to her angry cold heart, and since then it snows whenever she wants it to.

Acount: NoStopReader:D
Name: Artemis
Age: Teen
Type: Night Wolf
Fur: Midnight Black
Eyes: Silver
Scars: A splayed paw that has swirls on the fur
Power: Becoming one with the shadows
Skills: Sneaky, speedy, agility, and hunting
Job: Spy/Huntress
Family: Just a rough wolf
Reason: Was taken by Shire Teror but escaped  and has been on the run ever since.
Story: As a cub, parents were slaughtered by Shire Terror and her gang of big cats, and I was taken after they killed my pack.

Acount: Kat Mailk
Name: Kat
Age: Cub
Fur Colour: Silver
Eyes: Purple (UNIQUE)
Type: Wolf Cub
Scars: A golden star on her forehead
Power: Super speed, and can easily hide without being seen
Job: A cub for now, but training to be a spy
Family: Eveningstars daughter
Reason: Just an ordinary cub, born into the wolf pack
Story: A cub that has been born and is being raised to be a wolf spy and to learn the skills of the pack.

Acount: IzzyMahone
Name: Cassandra
Age: Teen
Type: Wolf
Scars: None
Other Markings: None
Power: Invisibility (she found this out when she hid herself from the world in shame)
Job: Pup Sitter
Skills: Mothering, friendly, someone to rely on, loyal, and trustworthy
Family: None
Reason: Unable to have cubs of her own, so mothers everyone else
Story: When she got beat up bad by the CatClawClan, she realized she could no longer have cubs, her only cub died, and she ran awayvftom her mate in shame, finding a place in Eveningstar's pack. But still she is filled with jelousy...



Acount: Nami2013
Name: Hikari
Age: Teen
Fur Colour: Light Brown with darker flecks
Eyes: Light green
Scars: Tip of right ear missing from a battle with a bear
Other Markings: None
Power: Life (can control forest, greens, plants, etc)
Job: Hunter/Spy/Nurse for orphaned pups
Skills: Very light, and fast. Also quite agile.
Personality: Clevet, not very nice at first.
Family: None
Reason: Ran awsy when younger
Story: When she was a cub her parents started fighting one night, and she didn't like it at all. So she ran away and for a while lived by herself. Then Eveningstar found her...

Acount: _summerequinox_
Name: Alejandra (Alex for short) <girl>
Age: teen
Type: Wolf (werewolf)
Fur Colour: Snow White (human me has black hair)
Eyes: Pitch Black
Scars: None
Markings: None
Power: Control Movement
Job: Hunter/Spy
Skills: Strong and intelligent
Family: Not related to Eveningstar
Reason: Ran away from battle
Story: Lex and her pack get attacked by surprise. Her pack was losing and she thought she was going to die. Her brother tells her to run and to not stop. She runs thinking they escaped only to notice it was only her alone, lost, and then she discovered her powers and found a new pack.



Acouny: HermioneWrites
Name: Hermione Writes
Child, teen, adult: Baby
Type: Cheetah
Fur: Golden brown
Scars: None
Markings: Spots
Power: I can see the future
Skills: Extremely intelligent for a baby
Job: Spy
Family: Does not know family origin because she was abandoned when young, but as the days passed they became smarter, and then she found EveningStars wolf pack.
Reason/Story: Since EveningStar took her in, after days of being cautious around her due to her being a big cat, EveningStar soon took good care of her, treating her like a child, and as she grew up, Eveningstar treated her as a best friend.

Acount: The kitty
Name: Rayheart
Age: Teen
Type: Tiger
Fur: Black
Eyes: Blue
Scars: A 3 clawed scar in the left side
Other markings: Stripes
Power: Shapeshifter (always forming black things like a shadow)
Skills: fast and have a pretty good/loud hiss or growl so people are afraid of me.
Reason: I'm a good tiger, and the reason for that is I don't want to be evil like Shire Terror, even though I look scary...
Job: Spy (disguises, blends into the dark shadows)
Story: people from were I come from, was always irritating me for being quiet, shy and love to help others, then one day I had enough and I stood up for myself, became a bad ass person but still had the good part in me. I ran away.

Acount: Lizzy Lands

Name: Hiiro Agr: Elderly
Type: Wolf
Fur colour: Red and white
Eyes: Blue but red when using powers.
Scars: A huge scorch mark down her back.
Power: Creation and manipulation of fire and can fly.
Skills: Really good at fighting, good climber, fast and cruel
Job: Hunter
Family: She killed her 2 brothers and sister. Her parents were killed.
Reason: She knew information about the purple star
Story: When she was a pup her parents were killed by humans but her siblings are her were taken to a training arena. In this arena people would bet on the wolf cub that would make it alive. Hiiro saw her sister being killed and had a, sort of, mental breakdown. In the arena her instincts took over and she killed her remaining siblings. That was when she noticed she had her powers. She escaped and ran to the wood, where she fell in love with Umi (another wolf). He was killed by humans shortly after they became mates. Hiiro hates humans and will not hesitate to kill them on sight. She does not like talking about her past and her family.

Acount: bdbasketballgirl253302
Name: Scarlet
Fur: black with grey speckles
Eyes: aqua with blue speckles in my eyes
marks: a flame like birth mark high on left shoulder
power: control the elements but main is fire
skill: great leadership and in tough situation leader like
job:would like to be leader in something but will do anything what ever is needed
reason: Darkness's Sister

Family: Her mate is Jake (AnneMarie) character
story:i was abused by my pack so i ran away and was found by darkness and we talked and we found out we were siblings and so i joined the pack (when i am found you think my mate could be with me you can make him up or have him be another entry i don't care)




Acount: AnneMarie

Name: Jake
Age: Teen
Type: Wolf
Fur Colour: Black
Eyes: Big Black Eyes
Scars: Hole Through My Ear
Other Markings: Swirl Along my Back
Power: Invisibility, Read Thoughts
Skills: Fast, Strong, Good Hunter
Reason: Kicked out of my pack because I was all black, special and different.

Family: His mate is Scarlet ( bdbasketballgirl253302) character
Story: When I was born everyone knew from the start that I was special from my mother being a pure white wolf my father being an ordianry grey wolf nobody understood how I turned out blacker than black, and because of this they hated me even more so they abandoned me completeley and left me to die.

Acount: DailiesSaki

Name: StarBolt
Type: Werewolf
Age: Teen
Fur color: Black & White
Eyes: Electric Blue
Scars: One across the eye and a splayed paw
Other Markings: A star shape across my back and a bolt shape on the opposet eye from my scar
Power: Fast running, changes to a girl (The girl has dirty blonde hair and brown eyes)
Skills: hunting, killing, defending
Job: Hunter
Family: Lone-wolf
Reason: never had a family or pack
Story: I was bitten from a midnight walk in the park, and abandoned at birth for my splayed paw

Acount: niallssnowflake Name: Marco
Age: Teenager
Type: Fox
Fur Color: Mainly black
Eyes: Vibrant green
Scars: Missing his left ear
other markings: none
Power: Camoflauges his fur to blend
Skills: sneaky, fast, even though he's small he's strong
Job: Spy and Hunter
Reason: He's different and was shunned
Story: His mom died and the rest of his siblings shunned him. He ran away and was found by a wolf roaming around

Acount: Wolf princess
Name: Roaring Storm
Age: 13
Type: Red Wolf
Fur: Mainly White
Eyes: Purple/Brown
Scars: Lots of little ones from play fighting with siblings, and from being so clumsy
Other Markings: A small black heart on her cheek
Power: Weather Control
Skills: Sneaky, Quiet, Clumsy, Strong for her size and young, and a good liar
Job: Hunter
Reason: Her parents tried to kill her
Story: For the first 12 or 13 yeas of her life she was a human. But now she can transform into a wolf after getting bitten by one. Her parents tried killing her because they thought she was a freak. She stumbled across a cave but fainted in the opening due to the injuries her parenrs left her with.

Name: scarlet nightfang
Age: Adult
Type: wolf
Fur: black
Eyes: blue
Scars: none
Other markings: blue tips at the tail and hair
Power: ability to fly ( has wings)
Skills: fast, quiet, strong
Job: fighter
Family: friend
Reason: she was kicked out for having wings
Story: scarlet was born with wings and when her mother took her to the alpha, the alpha was horrified by her wings and told her to leave and never come back

Account: K.K Droeske

Name: Nixon Lupei
Fur: white
Eyes: bluish green
Scares: none
Other markings: fire at the end of the tail and bottom of feet
Power: ability to wield fire
Skills: fast, stealth, coordinated
Job: spy
Family: youngest sister
Reason: she was kicked out because she was thought to be to dangerous
Story: Nixon was born with the power to use and wield fire, when she was born she burned her mom severely and it resulted in her death. Her father had always blamed her and her older brother, Jac tried to reassure her. When she found her mate, who was the Alpha of her pack rejected her because of her flame and banished her to be an outcast.

Account: Lulu Horan

Name: Maddie
Age: Teen
Type: Wood wolf
Fur: Gray
Eyes: Yellow
Scars: Fang indent
Power: Flight
Skill: lFast
Job: Hunting and spying
Family: None
Story: A lone wolf that wants a home

Account: jems8241

Name: Jessica
Age: teen
Type: wolf
Fur: black and brown
Eyes: blue
Scars: scars on my back

Power: Reading Minds
Skill: fast and sneaky
Job: hunter fighter babysitter
Family: little brother
Reason: old pack mistreated me and my brother
Story: my brother was 6 and i was 15 when we left our pack because we were beaten so i took him and hid from the pack to protect us and were found by a man from the eveningstar pack

Account: KittyQueen26
Name: Flash
Color: White
Eyes: Purple
Age: Teen
Scars: Swirls
Power: To blend in with surroundings
Skill: Super fast
Job: Hunting for food
Family: None, all alone in this world
Story: Escaped from humans after they tested on her

Account: 1DFlashfan


Age: Adult

Type: White fox

Color: white/blue eyes

Power: healing

Scars: on face

Story : abused at the age 11 has scars on face. Ran away from former pack and was accepted by the eveningstar pack. Finds her mate when fighting against another pack



Account: Levi's_Princess❤

Name: Zipporah Abarca

Age: Teen

Fur Color: A Beautiful Light brown with some blonde and red in it
Eye Color: A grey Blue
Scar: Wings of Freedom (attack on Titan)
Power: Reading Minds
Skills: Fast, Strong, and Smart
Job: Fighter
Family: A long lost Sister
Reason: Was deserted and kicked out of many Packs
Backup story: When I was born my mother could just see the trouble I would bring and she knew I possessed some sort of power. She saw those things from the colors of my eyes and took the powers as a threat. She left me when I was 5 when I was becoming stronger and developing my powers. She took my sister with her and well for my father he got killed when I was 3. My mother blames me for his death but I had nothing to do with it. As I was growing I joined packs but later they saw me as a threat too and kicked me out. Sometimes I would just want to go in a corner and cry because I felt so un wanted but then finally someone took me in...

Account: HeartMist
Name: Silvermist
Age: Cub
Type: Wolf
Fur Color: Silver
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Scar: Various small nicks and scratches
Marking; Odd moon pattern on forehead
Power: Transforming into other animals she sees (Shapeshifer)
Skill: Stealthy, Fast
Job: (When I grow up to be a Teen) Hunter
Family: Unknown
Reason: Was kidnapped by Shire Terror. Was almost killed, but was saved by EveningStar.
Story: She got the power by being close enough to the falling star. Past: She was abandoned at birth... (PHOTO COMING SOON)  

TheCatClawClan: (aka the bad guys)


Acount: Megites


Name: Ivy
Type: Teenage Leopard
Fur colour: normal leopard but with hints of gold/fire when the light is right.
Eyes: An icy blue with no warmth in them
Scars: a slash on head, going from right ear to nose, from first battle
Other markings: branded with an outcast mark on left shoulder
Power: telekinisis, the ability to move things with the mind, and enhanced senses
Skills: extraordinary hunter due to enhanced senses, stealth and speed, however has a tendency to be arrogant and over react
Job: hunter and scout
Reason/story: orphaned as a cub then betrayed by her brother, now on good side, Ivy turns to evil as an escape from the hurt and sadness she felt. Here she could be who she wanted to be, and get revenge. Has proven to be trustworthy and loyal to the CatClawClan. She is a vicious fighter, but fiercely protective of her friends.

account: Prez

Name: Iceheart


Type: Leopard

Fur colour: White

Eyes: Icy blue

Scars: A large scar across her back

Other markings: The average black leopard spots

Power: She has power over snow that she has not discovered yet

Skills: Very sneaky, she can fake her emotions incredibly well

Job: Spy

Reason: The Cat Claw Clan took her in as a kitten.

Story: The Cat Claw Clan killed her mother and father and then kidnapped her when she was only a week old. She doesn't remember anything of this, and doesn't know anything other than what the Cat Claw Clan teaches her.

Acount: Pielover727

Name: Sapphire

(Teenaged Tiger)

Fur: White

Eyes: Sapphire Blue

Scars: A scar across her neck

Other Markings: Regular black tiger stripes

Power: Invisibility

Skills: Fast and strong

Job: Hunter

Reason: Taken in as a baby

Story: Deserted by her family when she was young because of her ferocity, she was taken in as a baby when the CatClawClan saw her strength. She doesn't remember her family and hasn't seen them since they abandoned her.

Acount: Skylar Black
Name: Dusk
Adult Panther
Fur: Black
Scars: Three slash marks on her stomach
Other markings: Missing the top of her tail
Power: Darkness
Skills: Hunting and camouflage at night
Job: Warrior
Reason: Mate was killed
Story: Returned from a hunting trip to find him dead. His death turned her heart to stone. Joined the CatClawClan to destroy anyone's happiness as she has lost hers. But also has ulterior motives for joining...

Acount: Megites Nightshade
Name: Obsidian Shadow
Age: Adult
Type: Wolf
Fur Colour: Deep purple, almost black
Eyes: Same deep purple as fur
No scars or markings
Power: persuasion - using his voice, he can persuade others, depending on how strong their will is, to do what he wants, within reason.
Skills: No inhibitions or conscience. Does not feel guilt or get emotional about his actions which makes him an invaluable warrior.
Job: Warrior and defender
Reason: Just a ferocious wolf with no good side
Story: Grew up with ShireTerror and is pure evil.

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