Trip Back Home.

Josephine "Josie" was just your ordinary girl. She is 18 and is in a little town named Glens Falls. It is in New York. She was originally from Holmes Chapel.She had a crush on Harry Styles. He became her bully. She ran away and met Justin.


2. My Normal Day....

           Josie's P.O.V

   " Josephine Marie Tomlinson!! Get your lazy bum up this instant!! Your going to be late again!!" Yells my mother. Yup. This is how my morning starts, I'm always sleeping in because of everything that happens during school, My mum yells to me telling me i'm going to be late, I get dressed, do my hair and maybe makeup, an apple and then off I go to school. As you have noticed.. Yes. I am THE Louis Tomlinson's Sister. He is a couple years older than me. He is a student at Glens Falls High. He hangs out with his other delinquent friends Harry Styles, Liam Payne,Niall Horan And the worst of all Zayn Malik (He's more B.A then all of them xD). I get up and rub out my sleepiness, Get out some clothes and go to my private bathroom to take a quick shower before school. I put this on:


          Here is how I did my eyes after my shower:


     "HURRY UP JOSIE!! YOUR BROTHER ISN'T GOING TO WAIT ANY LONGER!!" Yells up my mum from the bottom of the stairs. "I'M COMING!!" I shout down to her stumbling out of my room trying to put my other boot on. I pick up an apple from the table, give mum a peck on the cheek and walk out. I see Louis waiting by his beautiful car:


"Hey JoJo!!" I hear Louis call to me. I let him and ONLY him call me that. "Hey LouBear!!" I shout to him while running down the front porch steps and into his arms. Louis lives with his other band mates at Harry's Flat. " I see your up late..AGAIN!" he says to me laughing a bit. "I learned from the best huh??" I say to him while grinning. He chuckles. "Let's go Squirt!" He says to me while opening the car door for me. "Thanks!!" I step in and he shuts the door for me and he joggs to the other side and hops in behind the wheel. We drive off to school.

                       10 Minutes Later:

We get to school and we spot a whole lot of police cars.....Oh Boy!




Hey guys!! So I hope you liked this so far! I only came up with this because I kinda was daydreaming at school and was thinking about this so yeah!!  Leave me comments and please like this if it is good!!

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