The secret companion

*made in honor of the 50th anniversary*

You have probably heard of the doctor right? Well I'm the doctors companion, the one you have never heard of. We can fight monsters and aliens and save the human race but when something or someone unexpected happens the doctor might fall and fall hard.I'm Nikki Sayers and this is my story.

*warning: weeping angels may show up and scare the crap out of you*


1. The victory

     (The doctor is David tennant)

              "Doctor!" I screeched my tears mixing with the blood from the gash on my head. "Nikki" I heard him reply distantly. We had finally finished the daleks and blown them sky high when he fell through the floor. "Thank god" I muttered my tears stopping. I crawled to the gaping floor in the middle of the shack we were in. "Could you help me a bit?" The doctor asked reaching his hand through the hole. "Of course" I smiled grabbing his hand and pulling him up. He climbed through and sat down next to me, the blood from my head began blurring my vision as I collapsed to the floor. 

            I felt tingly inside as I opened my eyes. As I took in the familiar tardis I noticed the golden particles around the doctors hands and my head. "You didn't!" I exclaimed as I felt my forehead, yep smooth as a baby's bottom. "It was to deep you would have died and I can't lose you" he looked down as if ashamed and that's when I noticed the tears flowing onto his lap. "Oh doctor," I  mumbled lifting his head so I could look into his hypnotizing  mocha eyes. "You survived the last great time war and yet you can't let one ordinary human die." I chuckled. I don't love every human now do I?" He asked and my heartbeats quickened. "Cheesy" I smiled pressing my lips to his.

        I felt a relief spread through my body when he began kissing me back. He stood up without breaking the kiss and I wrapped my legs around his waist. "I love you" i mum meted against his cheek as he put me on the bed and hovered over me. "Love you more" he chuckled. 

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