one day nia see a boy and thinks me cute. And he asked for her number


1. Spanish Class

         *beep* *beep*

The sound of my alarm clock going off a thousand times. i groaned and sat up to turn off the alarm. i stood up i heard a moo sound but i couldn't figure out what it was and then i saw something glow. i just remember that i had cow slippers and whenever u step on it, it moos and the eyes also glow. i stared to laugh because the noise and the light scared me so bad. then i finally walked to my closet like  the snail in tubro. today was my lazy day so i decided to wear a mountain dew shirt with some grey sweatpants, also with black flip flops. i grabbed the clothes and ran to the bathroom to take a shower. 

*15 minutes later*

i finally toke a shower and got all dress, i ran down stairs to finally a plate of bacon. i ran to the plate and grabbed the plate with a evil grin on my face. 

" Some one is in a good mood." my mom said.

"it's cause u have bacon and we never have bacon." i said to my mom

" that's true." my mom said

i was wonder what time it was and so i looked at my watch and it as past 8:00.

"I'm going to be late school starts in 7 minutes." i said loudly. 

"Here's your lunch sweetie." my mom said to me.

I grabbed my lunch and ran to my car. *10 minutes later* i hurried up spanish since spanish is my 1st hour.

"Ahh, Nia u are late." my Spanish teacher said.

"Sorry, my family problems." I said

" now take your seat next to Justin." My teacher said.

"Ok" i said.

i went to y seat right next to Justin and i sat down, then i looked over at him and he was starting at me. then he was starting at me for too long and i was staring to get freaked out but then his eyes were so beautiful. then he whispered in  my ear.

"can i have your number." Justin said

"sure" i said whispering into his ear.

i gave him my number and he smiled at the paper and toke out his phone during class. he put my number in his phone and texted me. 

"so now you have my number" Justin said

"yup and can i ask you a question?" i said.

"sure anything for you" Justin said

" do you- " i said while getting cut off by the bell

"well see ya later." Justin said.

"see ya" i said.

now i have 5 more classes to go. Ughh.


hi guys i'm the co-owner for the story and my name is katelyn !! i have two other books and i'm co-ownering two other ones!! i hope you liked this one because i just came up with this chapter on the top of my head! i hope you guys love it!! check out my profile and my username is xoxo_onedirection_xoxo!! tell all of ur friends if u love it!! thank you!! ILY!! Bai!!


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