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Blair Down was a young and bright girl, just trying to look for some love. She didn't have a very good connection with her father, and her mother passed away when she was 6. She was an only child. With her last year of high school now over, she decided to take a break and fly to Australia. Little did she know she would have the best time of her life. But something cuts it short...


1. Chapter One

"Blair you almost ready?" Her father mumbled from outside his daughter's bedroom door. She sighed, forcing the tears not to fall from her dull eyes, taking one last glance in the mirror. She ran her hands along her hips, evening out her black dress. It had feel like a second skin to her rather than a piece of clothing.

She turned around and in one swift move, grabbing her glasses and pushing the dark frames onto her oval shaped face. She breathed out heavily and opened the door. Her father stood in the doorway, his head hung low, arms folded across his chest. He was also dressed in black.

"Ready." Blair sighed, closing the door behind her and walking down the narrow hallway, her father sauntering behind. She allowed her hand to glide along the glossed handrail, as she descended the staircase. When she reached the bottom she watched on as her father came down as well, his keys already gripped firmly in his right hand.

She followed him out to the car.

She climbed in and buckled up the seatbelt, just as her father climbed in the vehicle. He shuffled uncomfortably in his seat before buckling his seatbelt, mimicking Blair's previous actions. The keys were now in the ignition, but we weren't moving.

Her father had his two hands gripped onto the steering wheel as if he was holding on for his life. His knuckles turned white as he sat still. As if he wasn't living.

A single tear fell from his eyes and landed on his leg.

He turned the car on and they set off down the road.

She rested her head against the cold window. A single tear rolling down her cheek, Blair rapidly wiping it away with the sleeve of her cardigan seconds later. Another one soon fell. Her father turned the radio on and they both sat there, an awkward silence covering them like a blanket.


They arrived at their destination 10 minutes later, by now Blair noticed the light drizzle of rain forming outside. She climbed out of the car and scurried onto the footpath.Blair had been coming here since she was a child, she knew where she was going. She followed the narrow footpath along, not even glancing back at her father, who was still in the car. 

Blair Down knelt down in front of her mothers grave, placing down a few fresh flowers she had picked from the garden around the corner. As she sat there, with the rain droplets landing around her, she tried to picture her mother here, with her now.

"Hello mother." She sniffled, hugging her cardigan closer as the brisk September air made the hairs on her arms stand up. "Its good to see you. I thought I would come and tell you that I graduated high school last week with high marks. Dad congratulated me, but somehow I don't feel like he is really interested anymore. Ever since you left..." She sighed heavily, connecting her eyes with where her mother's name was printed on the stone tombstone.


Samantha Down "Fantastic woman, Perfect mother." 01-05-1969 ~ 13-09-2001


"I cant believe its been twelve years mum." She cried, burying her face in her shaking hands. 'I miss you so much." She sobbed, feeling the lump in her throat grow bigger. "I wish you were here mum." She gazed up at the cloudy sky, "with me here. Now." before lowering her head back down to where she had rested the flowers for her deceased mother. "How was your day?"


Blair had sat there and talked to her mother for a good half hour or so more, before she got completely drenched and had to leave. She reminded her mother how much she loved her once again before leaving her to rest. Her father didn't come and say hi once. Blair had been surprised. When she reached the car again her father had the chair reclined all the way, his eyes closed. When she climbed in the car he opened his eyes, his piercing eyes directly at her. She faced forward ignoring his stare and buckled her seatbelt. He fixed his chair, removing his eyes from his daughter, and started the car back up.


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