That Room

Flash Fiction


1. That Room

I sat with my body scrunched into a ball. Wrapping my arms around my knees I began to cry quietly, knowing that no one would come to my aid. I cried until my eyes were sore, I sobbed until my throat ached, I screamed until my ears rang. But nobody came.

Slowly, as the sun sunk below the horizon, darkness crept into the room. It engulfed me until I could no longer see my hand in front of my face, or a path into my future. I stopped crying then. I knew in my heart that no one would come, so I focused my energy on something more important. Saving myself. It may be too late for my sanity, but I would like my parents to at least find my body. I crawled around the room, running my hand gently along the wall, feeling for a door,a window, anything. I began to lose hope on my third lap of the room until I felt a small bump in the concrete. It was the ridge of a door. Running both my hands directly up, I found the handle. It was set high on the door and I had to stand on my toes in order to even brush the bottom. He had underestimated me. This gave me strength; he could not take everything from me. It was too dark to try and pick it open now but I knew where it was. I could wait until morning. Going back to my spot in the corner, I rested my head on the cold ground and tried to put myself to rest. After what seemed like hours, I felt my eyes begin to droop and my mind begin to wander. I dreamt of him again. I can't keep him out of my head. No matter where I am, his face shines in my mind like a beacon. Tonight is no different. I hold his hand and rest my head on his chest. I can feel his breath, warm and gentle on my cheek. I see his dark eyes piercing into my own.

The light through the tiny window jolted me awake and I sat up with a shock. Only a dream. Just a dream. I long for it to become reality. I pray for it. Because hope is what keeps me going. Sometimes hope is all we have left.

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