Just Keep Running.

Sarah was never normal. Her past is one not like many others.... After all is revealed in the most humiliating way possible, she faces life in its cruelest form. One Direction are her idols, her hope, her light at the end of the tunnel. When word spreads about Sarah needing help, what will they do? Help a fan in need? Or just continue their lives?


1. Can't stop running.

 ~Chapter One~


Just when you think you're at your lowest, darkest point, you'd think thinkgs could only get better. But without anyone around, I found it hard to believe that. Darkness closes in around me constantly and I keep falling, unable to stop the journey my mind takes. I was a slave for a wealthy couple. Me and several other teenagers. A slave; a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. That was my life. I was sold by my own parents when i was seven and raised to be a slave to the couple. I found safety and an escape in music, music never intended for my ears. It wasn't even the whole song, but it was enough. Enough to give me a tiny bit of faith and that faith was enough to get me through and to get me out. I escaped, and now they're looking for me.

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