Don't break me

(Sequel to First love)

Valeria is a smart, pretty girl. She has fallen in love once but left him for someone else. Joseph. Valeria soon becomes good friends with One of Josephs best friends John. When Valeria and Joseph don't work out, who will John choose? Will he stay friends with Joseph, his best friend, or Valeria, a girl he only started talking to two weeks before? What will happen between the three of them? Will Val fall for John or go back to Joseph? Read to find out.


3. The necklace

The next day, as always, I went outside after lunch. This time Joseph and his two buds were there. John and Christopher (Chris ). I was just hanging with my friends when John comes over and tells me Joseph wants me.

I ran over to where he was and asked him what he wanted. I noticed he was fiddling around with his baby shark tooth necklace. "Well I just wanted you to have this. To remember me by" he said, taking the necklace off and handing it to me. 

I said thanks and wanted to give him a hug but he was all sweaty so not gonna happen. 

I just kept holding the necklace, not wanting to put it on just yet because it was covered in sweat. Ew. 


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