Year one

An 11 year old boy Bryce receives a letter to Hogwarts. His siblings Dustin, Alex, Edmund, and Callum are all in different houses.Dustin is in Hufflepuff. Alex is in Slytherin. Edmund is in Gryffindor. Callum is in Ravenclaw. Bryce doesn't know what house he will be in but he hopes to be a Ravenclaw. This book is back during the time while Harry Potter is still at Hogwarts.


1. Chapter One

   As I walk onto the platform, I become scared. I have only seen the train when my brothers have gone to Hogwarts. Now, it is my turn. As I walk onto the train, a lot of the compartments are full. I see my brother, Alex, sitting with his Slytherin friends and a new boy. I think they said his name was Draco.

I couldn't find any compartments to sit in; the only one that wasn't full had a single boy in it. He said his name was Neville. We started to talk, and I told him how my family was strange about being sorted into houses.

"The thing is", I told him, " My family has always been in different houses. Alex is in Slytherin, Dustin is a Hufflepuff, Edmund is in Gryffindor, and Callum is in Ravenclaw."

After a few small conversations, the train ride seemed to fly by. Now was the time I was scared of. Now is the time of the sorting.





Edited by PotterheadFOURever; hope you like it!


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