Dont grow up darling.

Don't grow up is a fa fiction about Harry styles and Louis Tomlinson. It Louis' birthday and his biggest fear is growing up... Harry loves Louis too much to go through that pain and fear, what will he do?

1. 1 week

Louis Tomlinson is a young dashing boy who's birthday is in a week. Harry styles is a sexy intellectual boy who is best friends with Louis.

Louis lay down on his soft checkered bed sheets as he broke down in tears. "I don't want to grow up" he thought to him self. He slowly slipped under his warm bed sheets and cried himself to sleep.

The next thing he knew it was morning and Harry was sitting there on a black leather office chair with a small box in the palm of his big manly hand. "Louis I have brought you something..." He handed Louis the box, Louis yawned and opened the box, he thrust his face into Harry's shoulder. "Harry you are amazing" he whined. Harry had brought him a little silver airplane necklace. They have something sentimental about this.

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