Are you my daddy ?



2. I missed you

Maria's (p.o.v.)

Well today's the day they come back at least Diana hasn't learned to say her FULL name well that's good me and Diana are playing with her drawing kit she got from Gemma just then the door opened and in came the boys running around Harry was the first one to notice me he smiled and came running up to me and screaming " MARIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " I yelled back " HARRY !!!!!!!!!!!! " he chuckled and swooped me off the ground and said " I missed you " I replied " I missed you too " he put me down and looked at Diana, Diana looked up and she jumped up and plunged straight for Harry's leg I totally forgot she was a little directioner Harry looked shocked and said " um who is this little girl " I was trying to find the right words then I said " she's um my daughter Harry " Harry looked mad and said " how who when and who is the father " I sighed and said " can I tell you later just please not right now and her name is Diana " he nodded but he still looked mad Diana let go and when she saw the other boys she said " mummy " she looked up at me and asked " am I dreaming or is one direction in Mimi's living room " I chuckled and said " yes one direction IS in Mimi's living room " she smiled and bolted to Niall and attacked him in a hug she is actually a Niall girl and Harry girl. Niall smiled and hugged back she looks just like him her crystal blue eyes her blonde hair AND her smile reminded me of him oh and her appetite is his too.

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