Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons: A Hogwarts Story

Jack, Rapunzel, Hiccup, and Merida–the Big Four. Ever wondered what would happen if they went to Hogwarts? Yeah, so maybe their time periods are different, but say they aren't. Say they're all the same age. And, for the sake of the story, let's say they were accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry...


1. A Whole New World

Merida's Point of View

"Mum, I don't ​want to go!" I whine. "What am I going to do at this school? You've always told me that witches are bad and I should avoid them."

"Merida, you are going to this school!" Mum shouts. "You will pack your supplies that we bought or I will do it for you. Do you understand?"

Defeated, I allow my shoulders to slump. "Yes, Mum." Dragging my feet, I shuffle out of the room to pack my things.

​Hiccup's Point of View

I jolt as my father claps his hand down in my shoulder.

"Well done, son!" Dad booms. "Pack your things, for tomorrow you head off to... eh, what was it?"

"Hogwarts, Dad," I sigh.

"Yes, that's right, Hogsworth. Everyone, Hiccup is finally on his way in life!" There is a roaring cheer from the great crowd of my friends and family as I walk out of the room.

​Rapunzels Point of View

"Mother, I'm finally leaving the tower!" I squeal, running through the kitchen with my trunk. "I'm going to school, I'm going to have friends- not that you're a bad friend, Pascal- and I'm going to learn!"

Mother sets her hand on my head gently. "Relax, Rapunzel," she says, laughing. "You're going to have a wonderful time, but you need to get to bed."

"Yes, Mother," I say grumpily. "I love you!" I kiss Mother's cheek and head off to bed.

​Jack's Point of View

"Mama!" I yell, running inside. "Is it time to go?"

Mama tousles my brown hair, smiling. "No, Jack, not yet. Do you have everything ready?"

"Mama," I say, "I had everything ready last night."

"I know, Jack, I know," she laughs. "Just let me get your sister and we'll go."

Letting out a loud whoop, I run outside, ready to go meet my destiny.

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