You and I

Inseparable, glued together, never apart.
Love each other to pieces, and never wanting to let each other go.

What happens when things start spiralling downhill after an accident?
What happens when Kat has to leave Zayn behind and carry on with her future?
Will things fall apart or be inseparable, like they planned from the start?


1. Prologue.

Hmm... What should I write on my application? Let me check the requirements again...

I leave my desk and get out my laptop. A few minutes go bye and I'm on the website. The website for the best international art college in Europe. Ok let me see... I scroll down and click the page 'College Applications'. Ok so I need a 10 page essay on why I should be picked.. Shouldn't be too hard,... I need two visual representations of my art and ...oh. A skype interview with the principal. Well. I better get started then.

I pull up word document and start typing;

To whom ever is reading,

Hello, I'm Katarina West, but everyone calls me Kat. I'm 17 and still in school but would massively love to leave school early to join this Art College. Art isn't just a passion of mine, it's my life. I believe I have a slight talent in visual art and would greatly like to expand ...

Well that's the start if it anyway. I don't really want to bore you with my letter. But anyway, as you read before, I'm Kat West. 17, in school and in love with Art. I live with my parents and annoying little brother James in London. I have two best friends, Alex and Liana, they're both amazing and well... Hilarious idiots. I have a boyfriend too, his name's Zayn and he literally means the world to me. I mean, Alex and Liana are great too but you can't really cuddle with them in the cold and things right? Also.. This is the best part, he loves art too. Well, Graffiti art while I'm into Visual Art.

Well enough about me, here's my story...

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