Dark Narry (BoyxBoy)

*BOYXBOY EXTREME* Innocent, pure Harry with dark Niall. What will Harry do? Stay, fight, learn to love? What will Niall do to protect his claim? Use fear, charm, love? Could be everything in between. *warning; includes swearing, smut, other*


1. Chapter 1


"Get the fuck out of the way!" Some boozed up guy yelled as he pushed through me.

"Geez.." I mutter as I rub my hit shoulder. 

What a douche bag.

So many sweaty bodies grinding on each other. I look to my left and see a couple swallowing each others tongue. I look to my right and see people almost having sex as they dance. Sick.

I slip through the huge crowd of people at the club and exit out of the back door. I try not to trip over my own feet as I fumble to a hard brick wall in a damp alley. I couldn't even think straight. I didn't drink so much.. Or I at least don't think I did.

"Well, hello," an unfamiliar voice slurred.

I shoot my eyes open and see a man standing two inches away from my face, his breath reeking alcohol.

I scoff in disgust and try to push him away from me. "Get away from me," I demand.

He put his hands on both sides of my head and leans in close to my ear. "Don't be like that. You know you want some," he said with a hard voice. He rubs his crotch on me and it rides goosebumps up and down my spine.

This guy was messed up.

"I said get the fuck away from me you bastard!" I push him as hard as I can but he was too strong. His right hand connects to my jaw and I collapse, feeling the bruise already blossom with an excruciating pain.

"Next time listen to me you little bitch," he whispers as he picks me back up and pins me against the wall. "God, you smell good." He touches my chest and rubs it down to my stomach, smirking. "I'm going to enjoy this one." 

I close my eyes. Maybe if I pass out, I won't feel anything. I shudder as his fingers begin to take off my belt and I don't bother to wipe away the cold tear escaping me.

"Get away from him," someone growls fiercely.

I open my eyes and see a figure in the shadows. Who the hell is that? The man that was ready to pounce on me stops and turns to him.

"Or what?" He taunts.

"I'll fucking kill you if you touch him again." His voice was so cold. I can feel the hate piercing in his tone.

The man cocks his head to the left and smirks. He raises his hand high enough to let the mystery figure see and roughly cups my crotch, making me scream as I collapse. All my air escapes my body as I gasp for it.

My eyes are blurred and I can't process what's happening. I see the figure run toward the man and hear a snapping sound as his fist punches him straight in the face. I try to get up, but my body fights me.

Get up, Harry, get up.

I crawl to the wall and press my back on it, resting my body. Hard thumping swarms in my head and I groan loudly.

"You're fucking dead!"

Oh, shit. I fight the pain and stand up as quick as i can, wobbling a bit. The figure is on top of the man and throws several punches in his face, his blood spurring everywhere. 

"Dude get off him! He's had enough! You're going to kill him!" I yell to him.

"That's my plan," he growls loudly.

"Please!" I whimper. "Please," I say softer. The figure looks up at me and I freeze.

Oh my gosh.

Red, white, and blue lights shine in his face and I can see him clearly. Particularly swayed to the right blond hair with a touch of brown on the side, beautiful blue eyes, and a face that looks dangerous, yet so beautiful.

Harry, what are you thinking? You don't even know this guy. Stop.

The blond haired man stands up from the bloody body and grabs my arm. "Run."

My head is spinning. There's no way I could. "I can't," I whisper.

He instantly picks me up and throws me over his shoulder, doing what he needed to do.

He ran. 

And somewhere in between, I passed out.




Hoped you liked it<3

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