A Million Whiskers Away

This is a poem I wrote after my cat Blacky died. She was 6 and got ran over. She was the sweetest cat ever. This is for her


1. Blacky, Goodbye

Ever          yday

Every       day you

were with me Until you weren’t

No goodbye No Farewell

No need to dwell



  I try to forget

             I try to remember                         Meow                            

                 They say you don’t matter               I miss you         

                   Just a cat                         I need you

       thats all they arrive at              I found you

      But you were my friend           I plead for you

                                                                         when I was young                Come back

      but now you're among             But I want       

               The stars                     You to forget

     With stars in your fur          Not be filled

             A silvery purr             With regret  

           No longer existing         Good bye

          I say


Too late

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