Popularity Before Heaven

April's POV
Hi my name is April and I have a wonder full life! My dad is rich and my boyfriend is the quarter back on the football team! Then one day I get into a car crash and I died! I start going up the checkpoint before you go to heaven. A guy asked me for my name and I tell him.
"You can't go to heaven sorry darling, next." He said
"Why can't I." I said
"You haven't been good." He said.
"Is there any way I can get there." I said
"Well there is on thing you can do! You have to make Marcel popular and get the crown at prom." He said
"No,No, He's a Nerd." I said


1. Chapter 1

April's POV 

*Beep* *Beep*

The sound of my alarm clock going off. I sit up and i was starting to think all the good things at are going to happen today. I got out of bed, ran to my clothes and found the perfect outfit to put on. I put it on and it was amazing. Once I was done getting ready and stuff, I went downstairs to get some food. 

"Hey, April." My annoying brother said

"What do you want Max." I said rolling my eyes

"Nothing, I can't say hi to my own sister." He said annoyed 

"Well you don't have to say hi." I said 

"Wow. Your in a bad mood." My brother said

"Am not" I said 

i started to look around the kitchen for some food. 

"There is no food here." I yelled

"My mom cooked some bacon if you want some." Max said

"Eww,No. Can't you see I'm on a diet." I yelled

i guess I'm not eating, I thought to myself. I grabbed my bag and throw it in the passager seat and drove off to school since I'm a senior. After being the car for 10 minutes I got to school and parked my car. I grabbed my bag and got out the car and walked over to my friends. 

"Hey, guys." I said as I smiled

"Hey, April." They all said at once as they said that I saw my boyfriend Logan who is on the football team and he started to come over to me.

"Hey sweetie." He said in his beautiful voice.

"Hey." I said as pulled my hair over my ear.

Logan started to lean in and kiss me. So I started to lean and kiss him then our lips were about to touch but then some nerd pushed me away. 

"What was that for." I yelled at the nerd

"Sorry. I didn't mean to." He said

"Who are you?" I said angrily

"I'm Marcel we have the same classes together." He said 

"I didn't need to know that." I yelled then finally left.

This day isn't going to be good as i planned it to be.

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