Horan Hug

Anna is a lost girl. She has lost her only reason to move on, keep living.
Everyday she shut's people out, ignores the insults thrown at her and cries herself to sleep every night.
All she want is to go back to the way it was.
What if all she needs is someone who cares and a hug?


1. Jade. (My Life) xox

'There we go'. I sit up and smile as I finish tying my little sister’s shoelaces.

‘Do we have to go Anna?’ Jade asks clinging onto the hem of my dress. Her eyes were all misty like she was going to cry.

‘Aww, Jade! What’s up? Huh? Why don’t you wanna go to school today?’ I lift her up and place her on my hip.

‘Wow you’re getting big!’

She gives a weak smile. I place her back down on the chair.

‘Ok, really, what’s the matter?’ I ask and start to braid her hair for the day.

She sniffs and dabs at her eyes with the end of her sleeves.

‘I don’t wanna go to school because *sniff* …because someone told me something bad will happen today…*sniff*…and if I’m with you…*sniff*… you’ll protect me…’ By that time she had collapsed into full tears. I finish her braid and turn to face her.

‘Come here baby’ I say and pull her into a hug. ‘Nothing bad will happen! It’s just school. Who told you that anyway?’ I say stroking her hair. I check the time on my phone…shoot we’re gonna miss the bus.

‘It was Molly Churtin…*sniff*… she said watch your back tomorrow…your sister’s too.’

Molly Churtin? Rings a bell…

‘Didn’t she used to be your best friend?’

She gives me a small nod.

‘Well, we have to go to school Jade, it’s the law. Nothing bad will happen ok?’ She nods and wipes her face with her hands. ‘I promise.’

-     -

I shut the door to our apartment and lock it. I say our, as in Jade and I. My mother died giving birth to Jade and my father ran for it. He always hated me and the thought of having to raise two kids on his own was horrifying for him I guess. One night I was putting Jade in her crib and singing lullaby’s so she would fall asleep. I loved Jade as if she my own little baby. She was my life, a little angel. Everything couldn’t have been more perfect… That’s when I heard the door slam shut. Jade had fallen asleep so I quietly went into the lounge. No one was there. I searched all the rooms in the house, twice. No one. I went into my father’s room and it was bare. The draws had fallen out while he was shoving clothes into whatever bag he could find…the sheets were messed up, the wardrobe doors were flung open and the shelves inside had fallen over. It looked as though he was hurrying to leave and only had a few minutes to pack everything he owned. I sank to my knees and cried all night, all next day and all the next night. I fed Jade, put her to sleep and all that but it was a hard time. Jade was the only thing in my life I had left that I cared about.

I reach out for her hand. ‘Come on Jade, let’s go.’





Hey! I'm Sammi,

Thanks for choosing to read this book! I hope it turns out good.

So at the end of most chapters i'll have an A/N. (Author's Note). Some will contain links to outfits created on Polyvore, that Anna or any of the characters are wearing. :D

Here's the first one... ( http://www.polyvore.com/horan_hug_outfit/set?id=111420379 )

Just thought I'd let you know:D

Oh, I'll try update at least once a week, I might do more if i'm bored but It's almost school again so I might not have time to update more than that. :D

OK, bye now!

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