Can't stay away (Harry Styles Fan-fiction)

"Why does he keep coming whenever he hear's I'm coming?" I looked over and he was still staring at me. "Maybe he can't Bring himself to stay away from you."


1. Before Reading

Before you go and read the real first chapter, I just wanted to say a few things!

First off, all the chapter's are named after the characters. When the title of the chapter is a character's name it mean's that's who's perspective that chapter will be from and about.

Secondly, I am kind of new at this so I am open to any of your suggestions that you have. you can leave them in the comment's and I will try to read them. and put them into consideration for the story. There might also be contests to see who get's to date one of the boy's just to make it a little more fun.

Lastly, if you leave in the comment's that you want me to read your book, I will. I will take time out of my day to read people's story's. And please read my other story called 'The perfect year'. i just started that one as well and it might be updated faster than this one. 

That was all I wanted to say. I really hope you like this story and again, I am open to your suggestion's. And please follow me on twitter: @keziahhope3

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