One man and one woman. He wants her; she's never met him and she's afraid of him. But this man doesn't take no for an answer; he takes what he wants. So he follows his woman home, watches her as she sleeps, then takes her for his prize. She struggles to get away and the man becomes confused; he just wantS to love her. Why doesn't she see? Everything he does is for love. She is his beloved Eve, his wife. Why does she run? Regardless, she fights him and tries to escape.
This man lives in a terrible fantasy...
And like every fairy tale, it comes to an end, a bloody one.

Lena's afraid. She sees a man when she looks over her shoulder everywhere she goes. Her friends don't believe her, no one does. When she wakes up in a strange place, all her worst nightmares have come true and she is alone.
This is a short story that I found in one of my old notebooks, a little twisted, maybe.. but I didn't right much I figured I'd post a chapter and see what happens. Join me for the ride! -Mary

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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