Aqua Starr

I'm Aqua Starr I'm relatable..


1. Introduction

Hi I'm aqua and I guess this is the story of my life in one little book. I've never had a diary before but I got one for me and my brothers birthday. I'm a twin you see. I've got loads of siblings (mainly sisters.) In fact I have enough sisters to have a choir! My sisters are all called weird names. I guess my mum just likes they type of names. I'll tell you a bit about them:

Gloss is the most bossiest person you could ever imagine she the one of the oldest and thinks she the boss.

Row is one of the youngest sisters, she is cute but DEADLY!

Delli and Dalea are best friends and sisters they act all sweet with pleated hair and flowery dresses. Yuck!

Jenna is my favourite sister because she's the one I get on with best she's wild like me but at the same time has another side (being kind and thoughtful.)

Rhynes is a daddy's girl who is top at everything especially gymnastics. She is my oldest sister and should be called lioness because everyone knows when she's around she's the boss.

Track is my only brother he's a jurk and my twin but he's nothing like me.

Anya is my half sister she's only six months old and is very cute. Anya, Track and Rhyness live with my dad and his partner Prussian so I don't see them much.

Well now I've told you about my family I'll tell you about me I'm 11 and love being a Wild Child! I use to have really long hair but not I have short messy hair. I hate my hair getting brushed. Yuck! I'm always outdoors exploring and I guess schools not my thing I don't pay much attention and the teachers know it. As it always says in my reports "Aqua is a bright child and has lots of potential but never seems involved in lessons and never tries hard to focus"

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