Joey's Best Friend

Joey meets girl Her name is Bella she loves him. She has have a crush on him since I don't know. But she finally got tickets to vidcon to see Joey graceffa


1. The Tickets!

     Hi i am Bella i am 19. I have blackish and brownish hair. watch a lot of youtube and that explains where i get my information on. I am a nerd. I have a crush one this one youtuber Joey Graceffa. I have posters, calenders, and clothes of him but i am like one of those tomboy and girly girls mixed. I wanted to meet Joey in person but i didn't live in Los Angeles I lived in Oklahoma City. I don't get to go to vidcon my mom said it cost to much. But one day that all changed.

                            Bella's POV

           I was in my room with my friend Celia. "So... what are you going to do over the summer?" Celia asks. "Maybe just lay in my room watching Joey Graceffa." " Really,Really i am a going on a vacation but i don'y know where." "I don't care!" "Well i bet you asked your parents about Los Angeles didn't you?" ' No...Maybe." ' Dude i told you they would say no!" she said as she threw the pillow at me and i fell off the bed. "Oh i got to go Bella it's 5 you know mt mom." " Ok bye but one thing..." " What?" " Help me off this floor!" I yelled. "Fine." She helps me off the floor. I hug her before she went out. 'Bye" "Bye Celia" i closed and locked the door. I ate dinner and for some reason i felt really tired so i fell asleep.

                   I woke up at around 10:35 Luckily it's summer and no school sine i don't got to school. I went in the kitchen to find a note.

                         'Hey Bella me and you dad left but we left some thing on the bed for you and we hope you                                        enjoy it me and your dad are out of town for work stuff have a great day

                                                             ~Love Mom and Dad


       I go in mom and dads room to find 4 tickets on their bed. "Oh my Gosh I can't belive it! They got me 2 tickets for a plane to Los Angeles and 2 tickets for Vidcon!" I texted Celia about it I asked her if she want to come she said.... Yes! 


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